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The Benefits of Amarena Cherries

In these modern times where everyone is cautiously looking at different foods for their quality rather than their quantity, it becomes essential that more healthy products are included in daily meals. There are numerous healthy food products out there but few come close to cherries, more so Amarena cherries.

Here’s a little background information on these cherries. Amarena cherries are usually quite small with a darker color than other cherries. They also tend to slightly sour. Grown in Bologna and Modena, the Italians often preserve these cherries in sugary syrup.

The health benefits of cherries are numerous. Physicians often recommend cherries in weight loss diets. Amarena cherries in particular are low in fat and calories and thus would make a great addition to any proposed diet. Moreover, the water content in Amarena cherries is quite high so one gets a feeling of fullness after a small serving. This helps to prevent overeating.

Any type of cherry, the Amarena cherry included is high in antioxidants which help in keeping diseases at bay. Several studies have proven that cherries are able to reduce risks of cancer as well as inflammatory afflictions like arthritis. Moreover, eating Amarena cherries has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease. Cherries have also been proven to contain melatonin which aids in the sleeping process and gives one a more youthful look by slowing down the aging process.

With the Amarena cherry, you stand to gain a lot beside the highly beneficial disease fighting antioxidants. These cherries are rich in Vitamin C and have high levels of important mineral nutrients such as beta-carotene and potassium. Researchers have noted that a diet that has cherries has helped patients reduce their total body fat by a significant amount as well as lowering cholesterol levels.

As for the specific calorie, every Amarena cherry you take has only 4 calories; with a cup containing approximately 74 calories. Cherries have been noted to have a low fat and calorie content with high water content. Due to this, they are able to boost one’s energy levels significantly while raising their overall metabolism. Most people tend to prefer to have cherries as a midnight snack or whenever they have the munchies for this particular reason.

Cherries have been used for various meals but mostly for pastry. Amarena cherries in particular go perfectly with cakes or ice cream especially if froze in a sugary syrup well before applying it. Italians have been noted to cover these cherries in chocolate with the juice being mixed with toasted almonds and chocolate.

Amarena cherries are particularly hard to find as they are mostly grown in Italy. For this reason, they tend to be quite expensive due to importation costs. However, they are really wonderful cherries whose taste is worth more than the price. Moreover, there nutritional benefits far outweigh the costs of the fruit itself. Whether single, with pastry or with other fruit, the Amarena cherries never fail to stand out.

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