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Antioxidants in Cherries

The antioxidants in cherries make this fruit one of the most important sources of nutritional benefits for people looking to add more natural and organic foods to their diet. In fact, the nutritional value of cherries has been so well-recognized that many now buy cherry-based products to take advantage of these benefits. All these come down to the antioxidants in cherries; and when you hear the specific details, then you will know it’s hard to disregard just how beneficial these antioxidants can be.

There are two main types of antioxidants that can be found in cherries: anthocyanins and bioflavonoids. Both are complementary healthy substances that perform a lot of useful functions including lowering one’s risk for cancer and heart ailments. Antioxidants are also useful for reversing damage from years of bad lifestyle choices, not to mention combating the natural effects of aging and stress.

The first of these two antioxidants, anthocyanins, is particularly noteworthy. Anthocyanins primarily come from the red pigment found in the skin of cherries. Its main properties include being anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. The anti-inflammatory effects of anthocyanins have made it a well-known food supplement for people suffering from many forms of arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition resulting in extreme pain so it makes sense to use the anti-inflammatory properties of cherries to combat its effects.

So it seems there is a lot of research that make cherries a useful supplement for people who simply want to pursue a healthy lifestyle. When ingested, the antioxidants in cherries immediately start searching for damage-causing free radicals. Free radicals are essentially aggressive chemicals which react with healthy cells to cause severe damage. A stressful circumstance, poor lifestyle choices, lack of sleep, and disease are common triggers for the production of free radicals. Without antioxidants to combat these chemicals, the body would heavily suffer from an excess of free radicals which can lead to all sorts of illnesses including cancers.

Nutritionists prescribe consuming about 3,500 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of antioxidants daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A single one-ounce serving of cherry juice concentrate actually delivers 3,620 ORAC which is more than enough to meet one’s daily dietary antioxidant requirement. This is primarily why people are now into all sorts of cherry-based products including pills, juice, concentrate, and when available fresh or dried cherries as a means of meeting their daily ORAC requirements.

If you are eyeing a healthier lifestyle with a lower risk for contracting diseases that are commonly associated with stress, poor diets, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and more, you can never go wrong with the antioxidants in cherries. It is one of the best ways to begin your goal of healthy living. You would be wise to pick up a cherry-based product today and equip yourself with the nutritional benefits and knowledge necessary to push your lifestyle into a healthier and more satisfying direction.