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Many people who do not grow up in areas where cherries are normally cultivated ask the question “are cherries good for you?” While strawberries, apples and many other fruits have gained worldwide prominence, cherries have continued to be grown in only select areas and the fruiting window is short enough that not many people get to taste fresh cherries straight from harvest. However, given all the scientific evidence that has been collected over the last few years, there is simply no argument to the question “are cherries good for you” because quite frankly, cherries are one of the best fruit you can find for health reasons.

The first thing that screams YES to the “are cherries good for you” question is the fact that cherries provide a lot of benefit for people suffering from joint problems like gout and arthritis.

Gout and arthritis are caused by the body’s inability to process or metabolize certain types of substances such as uric acid from meat products. These unprocessed substances get into the bloodstream and eventually find their way into the joints resulting in a lot of pain. The isoflavonoids and bioflavonoids from cherries have been proven to react with uric acid and other arthritis-causing compounds to reduce them to harmless by-products before they make it the joints. A healthy serving of cherries on a daily basis can actually help to reduce the occurrences of gout and arthritis attacks as well as reduce the severity of these attacks should they continue to happen.

Researchers who have been studying cherries to answer the question - are cherries good for you? - also managed to isolate many other healthy compounds in cherries with profound benefits.

Cherries are rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins which help to lower risk from cancers, heart illnesses, stroke and other cardiovascular problems. Antioxidants are long recognized as excellent agents that flush out disease-causing free radicals from the body. As such, even those who do not suffer from gout and arthritis episodes can greatly benefit from incorporating cherries into their diets on a regular basis.

Now that you know the answer to - are cherries good for you? - there are many forms of cherry products available in the market so you can choose the means with which you consume cherries and avail of those those great cherry benefits.

Places near cherry plantations can benefit from a fresh serving of cherries for the months of July and August. For use to those not near where they are grown, frozen and dried cherries are shipped to many countries all over the world and can be consumed as additives to dessert or used as a healthy snack. There are also cherry concentrates and cherry extracts which can be made into cherry juice and taken as a refreshing beverage. There are even cherry pills now available as food supplements for those looking for natural diet augmentation and a boost to disease resistance and improved health.

Cherries, while small, are the giants of the fruit world and provide a multitude of health benefits. Add cherries to your diet and personally discover the health benefits of cherries so you no longer need to ask “are cherries are good for you.”

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