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Are Cherries Healthy For You?

Asking “are cherries healthy” is a step in the right direction; it actually means that you are starting to care about what you eat, and in this regard cherries can be one of your ultimate best friends. Over the last few years, cherries have risen in popularity and value because of the many health benefits that they carry. In the succeeding paragraphs, we’ll briefly look at what cherries bring to the table and answer your question “are cherries healthy?”!

To be able to gain an idea of the health value of cherries, allow us to count the ways:

1. Cherries are excellent agents in helping to fight diseases.

Cherries have very high antioxidant content which plays a variety of roles in the body. The most useful benefit of antioxidants is in helping to fight off cancer and similar cell degradation-related illnesses. Antioxidants such as queritrin and ellagic acid work by neutralizing free radicals that are generated by stress and bad lifestyle habits. In the body, free radicals attack healthy cells and this reaction triggers the cells to change their structure in order to remain alive despite the free radical attack. These mutated cells can eventually become cancerous. To combat this process, antioxidants neutralize free radicals first before they even get to their target cells. As a result, they are harmlessly flushed out of the body without doing any damage to cells and tissues.

Conversely, an abundance of antioxidants is also essential for the repair of damaged cells. Antioxidants are regulatory substances in that they allow the body to function more efficiently. This brings more valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the cells facilitating recovery and repair.

2. Cherries are important in weight loss and weight management.

An underappreciated trait of cherries is that it contains very low calories because its sugar content is also relatively low. The question “are cherries healthy” is therefore answered, in this case, by saying that cherries can actually make you become healthier from a weight perspective. By snacking on cherries instead of on empty calories, you control your hunger urges without loading up on calories. A serving of cherries only contains 50-70 calories making it an ideal mid-day snack. It also contains a lot of water which helps aid in body processes such as digestion and the flushing of waste. As a result, a cherry-based snack or fresh or dried cherries can help you lose extra pounds on a regular basis.

3. Cherries have anti-inflammatory characteristics.

We are normally made to take artificial medication against inflammation. However, cherries contain the same chemicals in their natural form. The problem with inflammation is that it can easily go haywire resulting in diseases like heart attack and colon cancer. Using the natural anti-inflammatory properties of cherries, we get more natural doses in the form of naturally occurring chemicals that our body can process without any side effects. As a result, you can not only fight off a disease but control the body’s reactions to it, leading to a healthier you.

Cherries carry many wonderful benefits and the answer to - are cherries healthy? -is a very resounding YES! You can reap significant health rewards by simply incorporating cherries into your daily diet. And because cherries come in various forms – fresh, frozen, canned, extract, juice, concentrate, and dried, you can be assured of a fresh serving of cherries all year round helping you maintain your health in a natural way.

So the next time somebody asks you “are cherries healthy”, direct them to the nearest grocery and tell them to start eating more cherries and cherry products in order to be healthier, fitter, and stronger on a daily basis.