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Arthritis and Cherry Juice

The health benefits of cherries, whether consumed as fresh fruits, packaged or even in concentrate form have been lauded because of their ability to treat an array of illnesses and in this regard arthritis is no exception. Arthritis and cherry juice it seems share a common connection. In fact people who are suffering from arthritis are quick to run to the store for a carton of cherry juice precisely because of its proven healing effects. Research has shown cherry juice can both retard the onset of an attack or minimize the pain once an attack has occurred. Today, there are even cherry capsules designed purely for the purpose of making cherries available whole year round even after their short fruiting season has already expired.

Arthritis and cherry juice are closely linked because cherry juice contains a such a large quantity of properties that have anti-inflammatory effects which are perfect for controlling arthritis attacks. The tart variety of cherries is a heavy source of anthocyanins, phytochemicals, antioxidants and many varieties of flavonoids which help to block the signals going to the brain which is indicative of an arthritis attack. Studies have shown there are more than 350 types of anthocyanins in a single serving of cherry juice providing plenty of opportunities for arthritis pain to be neutralized by a fresh serving of cherries.

These benefits are not limited to arthritis and cherry juice alone but has effective uses in other joint inflammation illnesses as well such as gout.

In the case of gout, the patient’s body is not able to metabolize uric acid from a variety of food sources. Uric acid eventually finds its way into the joints and upon crystallization between two bone surfaces causes such severe damage that the mere action of cloth touching the joint is sufficient to cause excruciating pain. Much like in the relationship of arthritis and cherry juice, the anthocyanins and other chemicals in cherries inhibit the crystallization of the uric acid by metabolizing it in advance.

Gout sufferers report a significant reduction in the number of gout episodes when cherries are incorporated into their diets. Drinking one to two glasses of cherry juice a day from tart cherry concentrate is sufficient to provide significant relief for gout patients. In the same way, a half a cup serving of fresh cherries twice a day will also lead to the same observed effects. What’s even better, cherries make excellent snacks not only for their healing value but because they are very low in calories so they do not contribute to weight loss in any way. A single cherry fruit has four calories and a half a cup serving of 10 cherries can make for a healthy snack any time of the day.

Scientists who studied arthritis and cherry juice have also extended the same conclusions to other diseases; that is, that cherry juice with all the healthy substances it contains, lowers the risk towards illnesses like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, vascular headaches, even cancer, heart attack and stroke. Anthocyanins and antioxidants are proactive chemicals in that they attack the typical causes of cancer and other serious illnesses – free radicals – before they get into contact with healthy cells. The damage-causing free radicals are therefore neutralized before they cause any harm to the body.

Cherry juice provides an excellent way to manage arthritis and other joint inflammation illnesses, not to mention boost one’s resistance against other serious and fatal illnesses. Incorporate cherries into your diet and discover the healing benefits of the small but formidable cherry fruit.

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