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Benefit of Cherries

The benefit of cherries has been well documented and lauded many times over by famous nutritionists and food experts, but it should be said that not many have latched on to the cherries fever. Especially in countries where cherries are scarce, cherries continue to be overlooked as vital sources of countless health benefits.

If only these people know that benefit of cherries bring many astounding health bounties to the table, literally, a few of which include the following:

•Lower risks for heart ailments and cancer. Cherries are rich in anthocyanins which are a kind of antioxidant. The anthocyanins are excellent at neutralizing free radicals – highly reactive chemicals that are products of various body processes most notably those induced by stress and cause severe cellular damage when retained for extended periods in the body. When anthocyanins react with free radicals, they essentially prevent its contact with sensitive body organs thereby neutralizing it before it can do any damage. As people grow older and become more exposed to cell-damaging chemicals, the work of antioxidants like anthocyanins becomes an even bigger and more important health benefit to get hold of, and the benefit of cherries in this regard is certainly something that should not be dismissed.

•Another potent benefit of cherries is that it helps fight many forms of arthritis most notably gout. Various chemicals in cherries all conspire to make it a potent anti-gout dietary supplement. The Vitamin C in cherries helps fight and reverse the effects of swelling in the joints; antioxidants react with uric acid and limit its deposition to joints; the high water content of cherries make it an excellent source of naturally-occurring water which is vital for hydration and regulative body processes.

•The low calorie content of cherries coupled with its high water content makes it an enticing alternative to fattening snacks. A serving of cherries contains a meager 70 calories and about 70% of water. Many who are watching their diet munch on cherries to keep hunger at bay instead of feasting on high-sugar or high-salt foods.

•If nothing else, the benefit of cherries center on the fact that it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that are excellent supplements to any diet. Cherries are rich in Vitamin B complexes, Vitamin A and Vitamin K as well as minerals like phosphorus, potassium and sodium which are important for fully-functioning body systems.

If you are looking for a fruit to latch on to for its health benefits, cherries should be at the top of your list. The health benefit of cherries makes it an excellent addition to any diet. Likewise, cherries are available in many forms – fresh, dried, juiced, concentrated or even in capsule or pill form – so it is highly accessible in many countries all over the world.

Turn to the benefit of cherries to help you combat diseases and ensure that you keep fit and healthy. Add a serving or two of cherries on a daily basis and discover the secret to the fountain of youth.