Benefits of Cherry Fruit

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Benefits of Cherry Fruit

The benefits of cherry fruit has been one of the most widely received discoveries in the food health industry in recent years. Prior to cherries being identified as a good source of vitamins, minerals and many other healthy substances, people ate cherries based purely on their love for the fruit. In the years hence, there have been commercial products developed to exploit the benefits of cherry fruit helping to further bolster its stature as a food source that has excellent health rewards.

What follows are some of the documented benefits of cherry fruit so consumers know exactly what they are getting in every bite of cherries.

• Cherries are low in calories which make them an excellent alternative to everyday snacks. Too many times, we saunter to the pantry or refrigerator to eat some of the most calorie-packed foods known such as ice cream, cake, chocolates or even chips, donuts, and candies. Instead, why not try eating cherries that only have 70 calories in half a cup of serving? Compared to the 600 calories in every cake slice or the 300 calories with every serving of chips, cherries present a healthy alternative so you can enjoy your snack breaks without having to worry about the consequence.

• Cherries are packed full of vitamins and minerals that have astounding benefits to the human body. In terms of pure vitamin content, cherries have a wide array of vitamins that regulate the body process. Vitamin C is essential for immunity and resistance to illnesses while Vitamin A helps with proper eye function. Vitamin B complexes, which are also abundant in cherries, help the body in various ways including efficient digesting, sleep regulation, proper brain function, stress relief, and hormone regulation among others.

• In terms of mineral content, cherries also pack a lot of benefits for regular cherry eaters. Sodium in cherries is essential for maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body. Potassium regulates proper heart function while iron is indispensable to a properly functioning circulatory system.

• Perhaps the most lauded of the many benefits of cherry fruit can be found in its antioxidant content. Cherries have a high amount of anthocyanins and pantothenic acid which help fight cellular degradation due to free radical attack. This action leads to better functioning organ systems such as the heart and in the process prevents the development of cancers, heart ailments, and other cardiovascular diseases.

• Fresh cherries are full of life-giving water. About 70% of the mass of fresh cherries is water. The high water content helps prevent dehydration as well as promote regulative processes like waste disposal in the body, hydration of the skin, and maintaining homeostatic balance.

The next time you contemplate eating a hearty serving of whatever snacks you are craving, take a pause and think of the benefits of cherry fruit. Packed into the great taste of cherries are a lot of positive health benefits that can significantly help people meet their health and fitness goals. So start incorporating cherries into your diet, whether fresh, frozen, juiced or dried in order to take advantage of the many benefits of cherry fruit.