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Bing Cherries Health Benefits

Bing cherries are the most popular and sought after cherry in all of North America. They were first cultivated in Oregon in the 1870s by a man named Seth Lewelling. However, he had a foreman whose name was Bing, who is thought to have been the one who actually cultivated and turned this popular fruit into what it is today. Thus, the name Bing cherry. Most cherries are still grown in the Northwestern states, although they can be grown in most states that do not have either an excessively hot or excessively cold climate.

Most people buy Bing cherries from the grocery store when they are in season and eat them right out of the bag. The amazingly sweet taste is just hard to beat, and there is no other flavor like it. Their color can vary slightly, but most are a dark purple when ripe. However, even the cherries that are still firm have a very sweet taste to them. When you buy fresh bing cherries to eat raw, do not buy more than you can eat in a few days. Once mature they will start rotting very quickly and if mold grows on even one, it will spread to the others quickly. Putting them in the refrigerator will help. However, you will more than likely not have this problem. Once you bite into just one of these delicious little fruits, it is hard not to finish off the whole bag pretty rapidly.

Bing cherries are not only delicious when eating them fresh, straight out of the bag, but in a number of other ways as well. They can be dried and put in with your favorite bowl of cereal. Or maybe you would like to put them in your juicer and have a nice cold glass of cherry juice one hot afternoon. That really hits the spot. Many people like to make them into jams and preserves for an extra treat with their morning toast. However, my favorite is putting them in deserts. There is nothing in the world that can touch a nice hot cherry cobbler with a huge dip of vanilla ice cream on top. Well, almost nothing. A big bite of cherries jubilee can run it a close second.

Not only are almost are varieties of cherries most delightful to eat, they also contain a very high nutritional value. They are a good source of both potassium and antitoxins. Numerous scientific studies are discovering more and more information about bing cherries health benefits as well as other types of cherries. In case you didn't know, cherries have 20 times more beta carotin than blueberries, and continually receive high praise from the health food markets.

Since cherry fruits are so delicious and have both a short growing season and a short shelf life, you might try drying some of them for later use. Even the dried ones have that sweet cherry taste that makes them a great and healthy snack food. Better still, dried properly they will still be good until the next season rolls around.

Whether you are eating Bing cherries for their great taste, or for their bing cherries health benefits doesn't matter. As long as they taste delicious in those pies, or fresh out of the bag, that is good enough for me.

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