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The bing cherry is a popular cherry variety grown in the Pacific Northwest. Known for their wonderful, rich flavor, bing cherries are often used for cooking but the fruits can also be eaten straight from the tree.

Of all the cherry cultivars, the Bing cherry tree is the most famous. The tree will do well in gardens that receive plenty of sunlight and have well-drained soil. In order to produce fruit, bing cherry trees require cross-pollination. Through cross-pollination with any other sweet cherry tree, Bing cherry trees can produce a large harvest of cherries. Typically, Bing cherry trees will grow to heights of twenty feet and have a spread of roughly fifteen feet when the trees are mature.

The Bing cherry has quite a number of uses. Some of the common uses include toppings, sauces, jams and preserves. The fruits are also featured in deserts such as tarts and crumbles and make a great addition to salads. When dried, Bing cherries taste great in cereal and trail mix as well as a stand-alone snack.

When selecting Bing cherries, choose produce that is large and firm and has an even-deep coloring. These have a deliciously sweet taste. Try your best to avoid those that are soft or have wrinkled skin. Moreover, keep away from cherries that have any visible signs of decay. Immature cherries tend to be much smaller and less juicy. Over-mature Bing cherries are often soft, wrinkled and have a dull appearance.

The Bing cherry has been found to be very nutritious. It is low in calories, fat, sodium and of course has no cholesterol. Moreover, it is also high in dietary fiber. Bing cherries are rich sources of Vitamins A and C as well as being notable for their high concentration of antioxidants.

The high levels of antioxidants present in the Bing cherry has led to numerous studies on the health benefits that individuals can get from eating cherry-enriched diets. Early studies have revealed that cherries can very possibly help individuals who are suffering from arthritis and gout. Such research shows that eating cherries daily or consuming doses of cherry products or concentrate as part of the diet could help lower inflammation markers in individuals suffering from this type of medical problems. Moreover, researchers believe that the high levels of melatonin in Bing cherries can help individuals suffering from insomnia.

The Bing cherry, like all other cherry varieties, is a seasonal fruit. If you are looking for fresh produce, cherries tend to be available in the United States from the middle of June to the middle of August. The peak of Bing cherry season is June so be sure to plan ahead to get the best produce.

In terms of bing cherry suppliers, Washington is the largest supplier in the United States. Other notable cherry suppliers in the United States include Oregon, California as well as Utah. Bing cherries are also imported from Canada and Chile.