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Black cherries are more in the family of prunes than cherries. By definition however, they look like cherries only having a much darker color thus the name black cherry. Their nutritional value is also equivalent to if not more than cherries. Black cherry extract has been used since the 19th century for its nutritional and medicinal value.

Black cherries have been found to contain astringent factors in their chemical make up. Astringents shrink body tissue when they come into direct contact with it. Black cherry extract has therefore been used in treating acne as a topical application. Acne normally occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum which is then transported to the skin as an oily substance. The astringents act on the over activity of the sebaceous glands and work to reduce the amount of sebum produced. Since astringents also close up pores, black cherry extract can be used in the manufacture of roll-on and deodorants as it will help in reducing the amount of sweat produced.

The cherry extract also contains anthocyanins which gives the black cherries their rich dark color. These anthocyanins help in reducing swelling and inflammations. Black cherry extract can therefore be used to relieve pain from, for example ingrown nails by reducing the size of the skin surrounding the nails.

Cherry extract also helps in minimizing the symptoms in inflammatory diseases like arthritis and gout. With arthritis, besides treating the pain that comes with it, it also helps in preventing the most painful forms of arthritis from developing. In gout, uric acid builds up around the joints causing serious pain. Here, the anthocyanins reduce these uric acid levels relieving the pain These anthocyanins also work in combination with some other compounds to help prevent cancer, especially colon cancer. They also reduce the chances of having a heart attack or a stroke as also help reduce the inflammation that could cause these. Black cherries are also highly rich in antioxidants especially in their extract. These antioxidants also help in fighting and preventing both heart disease and cancer.

Black cherries are more nutritious in their extract than when eaten as fruit though they are quite tasty. The extract is available in two major forms. You can get it as juice which has a lower percentage of cherry extract and has artificial cherry flavoring to make it seem more natural. It is also available in tablets and capsules which have a higher concentration of black cherry extract and therefore give better results.

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