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There are so many great tasting cherries on the market that are not only delicious to bite into but good for you as well. This article however is going to concentrate on the black cherry fruit variety which contains more health benefits and is used more in cooking.

One of the health benefits of the black cherry fruit is that it combats arthritis, gout and other inflammatory diseases by reducing the Uric Acid levels in the blood. It is also said the anthocyanins found in the fruit can lower inflammation 10 times better than aspirin and help prevent buildup of plaque on artery walls. Of course when the inflammation is relieved so is much of the pain.

In the pigment of the fruit you will find potent anti-oxidants and high levels of melatonin which have been found to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes and help the immune system. It does this by lowering blood lipid levels. Melatonin has also been found to improve memory and help adults learn faster. Though melatonin is found as a natural chemical substance in the brain, black cherry fruit contains a very generous amount.

Studies have also found that regular consumption of black cherry fruit can reduce high cholesterol and prevent premature aging and eyesight problems. You can even sleep better by drinking an ounce of concentrated black cherry juice a little while before you go to bed.

Black cherry fruit and juice products have been known about for many generations. Medical recipes have been found in old books and family medical papers telling its many ways of treating a large variety of medical conditions. It has only been in the last few decades science has actually been able to go into the fruits structural makeup and find out the reasons why it contains so many health benefits.

Since cherries have such a short growing season it is essential that cherry lovers purchase products such as concentrated cherry juice or cherry extract for use as a medical aid when they can not be found fresh.

Not only do cherries have great health benefits, but they are delicious in so many of the world's favorite recipes. Black cherry fruit cobblers, pies, cakes, jams, preserves, and ice cream only name a few. There are actually hundreds of great cherry recipes to keep the cherry lover happy year round.

Black cherry fruit can be bought canned, frozen or dried so there are a number of options to choose from when you are ready for a cherry dessert treat.

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