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The health benefits of cherries are numerous and cannot be emphasized enough. While the most common types of cherries are the sweet cherries and the sour or tart cherries, there is also another type of cherry called the black cherry. The scientific name for the black cherry is prunus serotina but it is also ordinarily called the wild cherry, mountain black cherry or the rum cherry. The black cherry is sometimes preferred over the sweet cherry because of the fact that while the black cherry is sweet, it also has a slightly tart taste. This makes a black cherry recipe not to sweet and not too tart.

The black cherry fruit is dark red to black in color. An unripe black cherry is first green then red before it completely ripens to a darker color. Animals, particularly birds are very fond of the fruit of the black cherry tree.

The black cherry, due to its bitter sweet taste is used as an ingredient in a number of different black cherry recipes rather than being eaten. It however can be eaten fresh. You can find a host of black cherry recipes in recipe books and on the internet. A black cherry recipe will range from drink recipes, jam recipes and dessert recipes. Black cherries are also used in vegetable and fruit salads. Sometimes people think the darker colored cherries of the other species are black cherries and use them instead. This is no problem and everyone has their on individual taste preference.

A very popular black cherry recipe can be found in the dessert section. This recipe is of course the black cherry ice-cream recipe. This recipe involves only a handful of ingredients. The ingredients are ripe black cherries, heavy whipped cream, granulated sugar and lemon juice. The ripe black cherries should be pitted which is not such a difficult task as the black cherry has only one pit. The pitted ripe black cherries should be mashed and then mixed with the granulated sugar in a mixing bowl. The whipped cream and the lemon are then added to the mixture. This mixture should then be covered and put in the refrigerator until it becomes firm. The mixture should be beaten periodically. After 4 hours of freezing, the black cherry ice-cream is ready to be served. It can be served on dessert cups or on ice-cream cones.

Another very popular black cherry recipe is the recipe for black cherry iced tea. This iced tea is very easy to make. The ingredients are pitted black cherries, lemon juice, water, sugar, vanilla and green-tea bags. The water should be boiled in a sauce pan. Once it is boiling, add the black cherries, the lemon juice, vanilla and the sugar. Simmer this mixture over low heat for about 20 minutes. After that, remove from the heat and let it cool for an hour. Sieve the mixture to get a cherry liquid which should then be boiled again over moderate heat. The green tea bags should then be added and steeped for a few minutes. The tea bags should then be removed and the liquid left to cool at room temperature. Once cool, the drink should be refrigerated to chill. Once it is chilled it is ready to drink. A garnish of your choice can be added. If you have been looking for a good black cherry recipe you should.

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