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The cherry blossom is a sight to behold. It is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth and has a very rich historic significance in Asia, specifically in Japan and China. However, though their roots are in Asia, there are now many cherry trees found in Europe and America.

In Japan the cherry blossom is the symbol of the country and in ancient times it was used to predict crop production in the coming season. Its magnificent beauty and short life are also very significant to the Japanese. It signifies the shortness and beauty of life. This is in line with the Buddhist belief of the fleeting nature of human life and hence the need not to be too attached to anyone or anything. Many Japanese buy cherry blossoms to remind themselves of this rich cultural heritage.

Now that you see some of the wonderful history behind cherry blossoms you might see why many people like to buy cherry blossoms to make those special occasions even more special.

To the Chinese the cherry blossom signifies power, especially feminine dominance. It also represents feminine beauty and has often been used as a symbol of love.

Cherry blossoms come alive in March at the beginning of spring, filling the earth with their beauty and fragrance. For this, they are a great welcome after the cold lifeless winter. The cherry blossom is made up of a cluster of flowers that grow at nodes on short twigs. Depending on the type of cherry tree, the flowers may differ. Some have completely white flowers, others have only pink flowers. Still other cherry blossoms have a mixture of both white and pink flowers.

If you are planning a spring wedding you can buy cherry blossoms to add color and flair to this special occasion. Their outstanding colors can signify a bright future for the couple. They can be used to create striking floral arrangements and cherry blossom garlands placed on several tables in the wedding venue will also enhance the appearance of the venue. They are available at most florists’ shops. Just be sure to buy them just before the wedding as the petals fall off very fast.

If fresh blossoms are not available, do not despair. You can buy cherry blossoms in other forms that will give you almost as much satisfaction as the real thing. Many painters and artists have splendid works of art depicting the cherry blossom that makes them look and feel real. The good thing is that these are available all year round unlike the actual blossom which is mainly available from March to May.

Cherry blossom tattoos are also available. Because of its beauty, delicate nature and significance in portraying feminine power, it is a favorite tattoo with women. Before getting the tattoo done (especially if it is a permanent one) it is important for one to understand its great symbolism and be sure you are in sync with it.

So there are a lot of great reasons to go out and buy cherry blossoms. Their brief burst of beauty can fill you with a burst of energy. All in all, in whichever form you get them, they are sure to fill you with beauty, life, and probably give you some spiritual awakening.