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Are you thinking about planting a few decorative trees in your yard but are not sure which species would look the best? Then think no longer. You need to head straight to your computer, find a nursery that sells them, and buy cherry trees. You will not only have the most inspiring blossoms in your town, but a few weeks after the blossoms are gone you will have trees full of one of the most popular and delicious fruits the world has to offer. Of course we are talking about a couple of years down the road.

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful when in bloom that many parts of the country have cherry blossom festivals to honor them, and people come from miles around to see them in their splendor. In Washington D.C. alone they have over 600,000 tourists visit every year just to see their cherry trees in bloom. It is a sight to behold.

First you need to do a little research and shopping around on the internet. Cherries are so popular that all you need to do is type – cherry trees - into your browser. There you will find a huge selection of any species of cherry trees you would like to purchase. In fact, out of curiosity, I typed in – cherry trees for sale – just a few minutes ago, and was amazed to find over 400,000 pages listed.

One thing you do need to check for is whether or not your climate zone is going to be suitable to buy cherry trees. There are basically two kinds of cherries, sweet and tart. Tart cherries thrive best in zones 4-9, while sweet cherries like zones 5-9. You can check the internet under - hardiness zones - to find which zone you are located in.

Once you have decided which species are best for your location, you can start doing your actual shopping. The nursery you decide to purchase from can give you a lot of helpful hints and tell you all about the trees you are ordering. Remember when you buy cherry trees that they grow very tall and need to be planted at least 18' apart, so don't buy more trees than your yard can comfortably hold.

Cherry trees need to be planted in the spring or summer in an area of your yard that has good drainage. A hole should be dug around three times larger than the root ball. You will need to put plenty of compost and rich soil in the hole and make sure you plant the ground level part of the tree no deeper than the container it came in. After the tree is planted, tamp down the soil and water generously. You will need to continue watering your trees very frequently until the roots have taken hold and started growing and spreading.

Once the roots are well established, cherry trees need very little to flourish. You may want to put a few fertilizer spikes around them the first couple of years, but after that they should do fine on their own. They do sometimes have problems with insects but with a little research you can find the best insect spray to utilize to take care of the little critters. If you live in an area that has nice cool winters, the trees should bear nicely at maturity. They will still bear during mild winters, but the harvest will not be as large. Cherry trees usually start bearing some fruit their third year, so you won't have long to wait.

I hope this article has given you enough information to make you want to buy cherry trees for your home. You will not find another fruit tree that has blossoms as beautiful as a cherry tree, or a fruit so enjoyable to eat.