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If you are a fan of cherries, then you should already be familiar with the appeal of canned sour cherries. Canned sour cherries – many times known as Montmorency cherries – are popular in many parts of the world because of its versatility as well as its longevity. In this post, we will talk about canned sour cherries in more detail in the hopes that people will become aware of the benefits that they offer and incorporate them into their diets to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Before finding themselves in a can, Montmorency cherries are typically harvested from the trees of only a few countries that are known to produce cherries. Montmorency cherries are variety of cherries which are also known as sour cherries, predominantly because it is not sweet compared to its “much sweeter” sweet cherries cousin.

When bought fresh, sour cherries are typically not eaten right out of the packaging but are rather used as key ingredients in many household staples like cherry pie, as toppings on a cake, key additions to a fruit bowl, and the likes. In contrast, its much sweeter cousin is what is typically consumed fresh from the pack as snackable cherries.

The main problem with the supply of sour cherries – aside from the fact that not every country in the world produces them – is that the harvest period falls in a very narrow window. In the northern hemisphere, cherries are harvested from around the 1st to the 3rd week in July while in the southern hemisphere, cherries are ripe for the harvest in December. In between, there are typically no fresh cherries on the market; thus, in order to maintain a steady supply in the market, canned sour cherries and canned sweet cherries came into existence along with dried cherries and sometimes frozen cherries.

Thankfully, the canning process allows cherries to last far longer than they would in fresh form. This is what makes it possible a cherry lover to whip up a cherry pie in November when there are no obvious sources of cherries on the market. Likewise, one of the best things about cherries is that these fruits are excellent substrates for many healthy substances that are the reason for its popularity. Even when canned, cherries manage to hold on to their rich content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so anyone eating canned sour cherries in November can still expect to reap almost the same benefits as they would if they were eating fresh cherries.

Another great point that should be mentioned is that canned sour cherries are great additions to any household dessert recipe. A great example is when people intentionally sprinkle canned sour cherries on their ice cream servings in order to balance the calorie intake with a healthy dose of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. In short, cherries are a can’t-miss upgrade to any dish that needs a little boost in order to transform it from being a so-so meal to one that is packed with a lot of healthy nutrients.

The next time you find yourself in the supermarket, take time to stroll through the canned fruit section and grab a few canned sour cherries. You would do well to have all that goodness in your diet; and because it’s ultra-versatile, you can be confident that there’s a dish that you can cook that could use some of that cherry magic.