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There are more than 45 million Americans who suffer from one or more of the many forms of arthritis, and if you are one of them, you know how painful this condition can be. Having to sit back and watch others perform tasks you no longer can because of your arthritic pain is a very frustrating experience.

Fortunately there are many ways to relieve the pain of arthritis. The easiest way, many argue, is by choosing from a wide range of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving drugs available from pharmaceutical companies. But many of these drugs can have nasty side effects, like liver damage and a weakened immune system. This is where the words cherries and arthritis can go hand in hand. Cherries offer natural pain relief.

Because of these side effects, many people choose to avoid medication if possible in favor of more natural, less harmful remedies. For most people, physical therapy and exercise are more effective than medication. However, if you are already doing therapy or exercising and you feel like you need something more but don’t want to resort to medication, there are natural options available to you. Believe it or not cherries and arthritis are two words that have been going together for centuries.

For example, anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid antioxidant found in many types of cherries, have been shown to reduce swelling for athletes and relieve the painful symptoms of people afflicted by arthritis. A recent study by the Agricultural Research Service on cherries and arthritis found that including a large serving of Bing cherries in your daily diet is likely to help you fight one of the rarest types of arthritis; gout.

Unfortunately for people who suffer from arthritis and other painful swelling of the joints, cherries have one of the shortest growing seasons of any fruit, and they are usually only available fresh during the summer. However, fortunately, this does not mean that you have to miss out on cherries health benefits throughout the rest of the year.

If you are interested in the cherries and arthritis connection, dried cherries can be bought year-round, as can cherry juice and extract. Juice is usually the better option if you are afflicted by arthritis, because you would have to eat a lot of dried cherries every day to get the amount of antioxidants you would need to effectively treat your arthritis. Juices, on the other hand, can be heavily concentrated for this specific purpose.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that every brand of cherry juice is made differently. Some are made simply to taste great, while others are made with specific health-related qualities in mind. Generally, buying from a health food store is better than buying from a grocery store. It is probably worth shopping around online and doing some research on any product you are considering buying to treat your arthritis. Remember that the antioxidants, anthocyanins, are essential to the link between cherries and arthritis, and you want juice that contains as much as possible.

Whether you are seeking relief from pain caused by minor swelling or you are looking for a natural remedy for arthritis; one of the most common and painful causes of joint pain; cherries are a tasty and healthy solution to your problem. While more conclusive studies on cherries health benefits and the links between cherries and arthritis pain reduction will need to be done in the future, eating these delicious fruits in the meantime can’t hurt, and will probably help.

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