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A recent study has claimed to have found the link between cherries and diabetes, one that promises to revolutionize the way we view nutrition when it comes to disease prevention and perhaps even cure. This recent study by the American Chemical Society purports to establish the role that anthocyanins play in helping to control the level of sugar in the blood of diabetes patients and influence the way insulin metabolizes sugars in the blood. Cherries have been found to have an extremely large concentration of anthocyanins in their chemical makeup. This connection between cherries and diabetes might just be the secret weapon that doctors have long been looking for as response to the ever growing number of diabetes cases worldwide.

So how do anthocyanins help diabetic patients feel better? According to the initial results of the study, anthocyanins belong to a class of extremely active antioxidants which neutralize a lot of disease-causing imbalances in the body. In a sense, anthocyanins cleanse the body of harmful by-products of metabolic processes which spur the development of lifestyle diseases like diabetes. From here, the body is more able to rely on the immune system to normalize itself to a healthier state.

Perhaps another contributing element in the connection between cherries and diabetes is that cherries have low sugar and calorie content. Doctors have theorized for a long time that fruits and vegetables with high antioxidant contents can help slow down if not reverse diabetes problems. Many fruits with high antioxidants also have high sugar content and can only be used sparingly as a means to arrest diabetes development.

For now, the medical link of cherries and diabetes is limited to the area of incorporating cherries into the patient’s diet. As medical research continues to progress, doctors plan to add anthocyanins into food supplements such as pills, or even cherry concentrate in order to make it accessible regardless of the time of year and location of the patient.

Consequently, there are high hopes that the link between cherries and diabetes will motivate more growers to invest heavily in cherries as it develops into a viable medical supplement. There is also a promising field that seeks to extract what’s left of the sugar from cherries in order to make it an ultimately sugar-free food that will pack a lot of anthocyanins minus the sugar that’s counterproductive to Type II diabetes patients.

Of course, the other documented health benefits of cherries in the area of coronary heart disease (CHD) and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis will only serve to make it an even more sought after food. Already, many companies sell cherry pills, extracts, concentrates, juices, frozen cherries and fresh cherries. There is also a burgeoning family of cherry types most notably sweet cherries and sour or tart cherries. All of these will prove vital to assisting in cherries and diabetes research and development, as well as an aid to CHD and arthritis.

This promising discovery figures to be a big development in the area of health and nutrition and with the connection of cherries and diabetes, medical science will only be more motivated to research even more the natural means of disease prevention and cure.

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