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Cherries and Health Benefits

In the ultimate debate about nutrition and the value of super foods, cherries and health benefits are often closely entangled in one sentence. It seems as though cherries look like very simple fruits that many of us take for granted, they actually pack a lot of nutrients; so much so that the health benefits they contain are not only impressive but also astounding.

To understand this closely-entangled relationship between cherries and health benefits, it helps to look at the actual health promises that cherries can bring. What follows is a short list of what cherries can offer to cherry-lovers.

1. To begin with, cherries and health benefits cannot be talked about without referring to the fact that cherries are excellent agents for disease prevention. This can refer to simple diseases like colds and cough, or more life-threatening conditions like cancer and heart disease. The way cherries accomplish this is with antioxidants, a class of compounds commonly found in naturally-occurring, unprocessed and fresh foods, but more densely packed in cherries. Antioxidants work by neutralizing harmful substances in the body such as toxins from processed commercial foods, or by-product chemicals like free radicals caused by our body’s reaction to stress. With cherries, we can enjoy the value of having an extra layer of protection from sickness without having to rely on expensive means to get it.

2. Another of the many health benefits associated with cherries revolve around how cherries contain a lot of water in the fruit. Water is vital to many of the body’s functions because it is the medium through which reactions take place. However, there is extra benefit in water inside fruits like cherries because these constitute some of the freshest and cleanest water sources known to man. Eating cherries supplies the body with a healthy dose of water that allows the body to do its regular work by being regularly hydrated.

3. Cherries and health benefits are also interrelated from the perspective of how cherries can prevent people from consuming too much of things that are bad for their bodies. Case in point: sugars and calories. Cherries are excellent snacks because these are low-calorie foods. Contrast this with your regular serving of French fries or fat filled chips. A serving of cherries only contains 70 calories and in itself is already a very satisfying snack. People who eat cherries tend to stay away from high calorie foods allowing them to maintain their body weight better than if they were munching on empty calorie foods.

4. Cherries contain a high amount of various vitamins and minerals. These are essential for many regulative processes in various body organs. Eating cherries supplies the body with the daily dose of vitamins and minerals that it needs without having to take supplements, you are still set with all the nutrients that you need on a daily basis.

Cherries and health benefits provide tremendous value to consumers. From sickness prevention, to lowering one’s risk for potential fatal conditions, as well as helping people make more intelligent choices when it comes to dieting, cherries can go a long way into helping people become healthier. All it takes is a serving or two of cherries or cherry products on a daily basis. Believe it or not, such a simply fruit can push you in the right direction to health more than you ever think it could.

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