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Cherries And Health

Have you ever conducted a research on the most nutritious fruits? If you probably found that cherries are wonder working berries and that it would not be a bad idea to eat cherries for health.

It is true that scientists and nutritionists encourage us to feed on the brightly colored fruits such as apples, berries, plums among others. These are known to be anti oxidants and they contain Beta carotene, a vitamin that cleanses and strengthens eyesight. Well, believe it or not cherries have all these qualities but they stand out in many other ways. Follow along to discover.

Cherries can be eaten in three forms. They can be dried, frozen or blended into juice. Food breaks down in our bodies and leaves us with many oxidants, free radicals that can be harmful once they accumulate. To maintain interior stability, the body needs antioxidants to breakdown the oxidants and allows oxygen to circulate freely to the cells. This stability allows proper chemical reactions in the cells that keep us healthy. Cherries have a great quantity of antioxidants numbering up to nineteen times the content present in other berries; they also have vitamin C, potassium and magnesium.

A research conducted by Michigan University revealed that people who regularly eat cherries have a better heart function which could have additional benefits of reducing inflammation of the heart. This is a sobering thought! Cardiovascular problems are expensive to treat. Prevention is better than cure and that is never said without mentioning cherries. They are the very anti oxidants that old and young alike need to keep healthy and protected. Yes, cherries and health are two words that can very easily go together.

There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. At this point we shall not say a cherry a day, the amount that is sufficient to avail these benefits have not been defined yet. A point that all are sure about is that cherries are rich fruits that will definitely aid in keeping the doctor away. The bright red color coupled with the rich vitamins that work wonders for the heart and digestive system are two compelling reasons why the words cherries and health are ofter found together.

To achieve this goal on a wider scale, cherries have been popularized by the media owing to their numerous health benefits that they have in store for those who seek them and form a habit of eating them regularly.

Many who struggle with weight loss could have a great companion named cherry. It has chemicals that make the weight loss an achievable goal while keeping cancer at bay. These are just some of the benefits that one can derive for this little fruit lately called America’s super fruit.

Cherries also prevents Neurodegenerative diseases and that is why more people are taking cherries as a snack instead of the sugar products that would release more radicals. Of course everyone has heard that cherries and cherry products are good for gout, and we could go on and on about cherries and health if we chose to do so.

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