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Cherries Benefits

It is amazing when you look at the various cherries benefits when compared to their tiny size. Anthocyanins, which give cherries their color, are the nutrients responsible for these medical benefits. The pigments act as antioxidants when in the cherry and attract pigments called pollinators which act as a sunscreen for the cherries. These antioxidant characteristics are transferred to humans when you eat the cherries.

A small list of cherries benefits:

Anthocyanins act as antioxidants and protect the body cells against aging hence stalling the effects of aging. They also help the body in producing essential amino acids. The antioxidants effect helps the body to stave off the effects of UV radiation and nitrogen along with other elements.

These pigments are also anti-inflammatory and act as natural pain relievers. Most pain medication inhibits certain enzymes which actually make you “feel” the pain. Anthocyanins also do the same hence relieving pain. Being anti-inflammatory, they are also known to help prevent some kinds of cancer.

Melatonin is known to help in the inducing of sleep and is prescribed as a natural sleep aid. When melatonin levels decrease in the body then one runs the risk of heart disease and other cancers. Modern day man has adopted bad sleep patterns due to the stress and obligations of everyday life. Melatonin is produced primarily in darkness. If one has to work under artificial lighting throughout the night then they will have low levels of melatonin.

One of the greatest of cherries benefits is the production of vitamin C. The benefits of vitamin C are vast and varied and it has been known to kill cancer cells and stop their replication. The fiber that is found in cherries also does wonders for the digestive system. High fiber diets are known to stop the onset on rectal and colon cancer not to mention the discomfort that one gets when constipated.

Cherries are also high in potassium and low in sodium. This helps to control water retention by improving the water balance. You will thus reduce excess water weight.

Cherries and other fruits are known to reduce the levels of high LDL cholesterol levels. A study was done on a group of men. Some were given a diet of cherries and fruits for four weeks while the others were given a placebo. When the results were in, those who had cherries and fruits had lower High LDL cholesterol and increased HDL Cholesterol. Those with the placebo had no change at all in their LDL cholesterol levels.

There is a host of cherries benefits that we derive and they help in almost all parts of the bodies systems. The digestive, cardio vascular and immune systems stand to benefit a lot if you increase your intake of cherries.

Cherries have a very short growing season and are usually the first to ripen and also the first to go out of season. It is still possible to get supplements from wholesome juice extracted from cherries. You may want to look for these supplements in the form of pills, extracts or capsules at your local health food store.

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