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Cherries for Gout - they can really help

Gout is a variant of the more popular disease arthritis. People who have gout are unable to break down the uric acid from certain types of foods resulting in a buildup of uric acid in the joints. When the uric acid crystallizes, the crystal grains that are deposited between the joints irritate the bone and connective tissues resulting to a sharp, stabbing pain that will leave anyone weak and unable to normally function. Because gout can come quite quickly and can last up to a few days, the best treatment against it is to manage one’s uric acid levels by being careful of the types of food that one eats.

Over and above prescription medicines that doctors give to gout patients, there are also alternative treatment or management methods that are proven to lessen the incidence of gout. One of these alternative options is cherries for gout. Yes, cherries! The caveat is that cherries for gout will not work for everyone the same way, but a good number of gout patients who have felt better after a cherry regimen is enough proof to try it out as a supplementary and alternative gout management option.

Cherries are rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are naturally occurring chemicals in plants that help manage gout by breaking down uric acid in the bloodstream before they are deposited at the joints. They are also essential in the prevention of joint inflammation at the onset of gout which makes them highly beneficial both as a prevention and treatment substance. A third benefit with eating cherries for gout management has to do with the prevention of collagen damage at the joint. Aside from irritating the joint and connective tissue layers, uric acid in the joints also eat away the collagen structure which leads to weaker joints.

There are different variants of flavonoids; the most common of which are isoflavonoids, bioflavonoids and neoflavonoids. Each flavonoid variety has varying degrees of effect on the level of uric acid reduction and this is not the same from person to person so it is important to know what flavonoid type suits your needs. Some medical practitioners refer to flavonoids as Vitamin P but this is not an internationally accepted term so you’re better off talking about them as flavonoids.

The best way to use cherries for gout treatment is to regularly consume cherries, preferably on a daily basis. All cherries, except for black ones, have some degree of effect for gout sufferers. A typical cherries for gout regimen requires eating 6-8 cherries a day. Fresh cherries are the best for gout but treatments with frozen cherries will work just as well.

When one feels an impending gout attack, eating 20-30 cherries for gout pain management will also work in some individuals. Cherries are easy to digest so you can easily avail of a stead flavonoids source to help manage the inflammation.

There are also a number of places you can purchase cherry extract or cherry concentrate when cherries are out of season. You can get the same results by using the juice as you do with the cherries themselves.

Still the best way to help one reduce the incidence of gout is via a combination of prescription medicines, proper diet, and eating cherries for gout in between meals. Gout will most likely be a lifelong battle and it is important to adapt a healthier lifestyle to reduce the frequency and severity of gout attacks.

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