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Looking for pain remedies can be a frustrating exercise in futility, especially if you are suffering from an illness that is truly crippling. In that regard, joint maladies like arthritis and gout come to mind because these are perennial complaints from patients who have the misfortune of contracting these diseases through no fault of their own.

While you can rely on over-the-counter pharmaceuticals or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers as a source of your relief, nothing beats the power and safety of natural pain medication. To that end, consider trying cherries for pain relief especially for arthritis and gout.

Cherries are known to contain a host of chemicals that are excellent in combating pain in gout and arthritis sufferers. At the top of the list are various flavonoids such as iso and bioflavonoids which block the deposition of uric acid molecules into the tissues between the joints. Pain in arthritis and gout is particularly caused by the patient's inability to metabolize uric acid which eventually crystallizes in the joint tissues to cause extreme pain. Cherries for pain is therefore an appropriate term for describing the benefits of cherries to gout patients.

Even if the patient's body does not have the ability to metabolize uric acid, the presence of flavonoids in the bloodstream is oftentimes sufficient to prevent the onset of a gout or arthritis attack or at the very worst mute the pain a little by lowering the severity of the episode. Many doctors prescribe cherries for pain so patients both have a natural and over-the-counter remedy to their joint maladies.

Of course, cherries for pain relief isn't the only documented benefit of cherries. Over and above providing relief from nasty bouts of skeletal problems, cherries are also abundant in antioxidants which play a critical role in the prevention of certain diseases particularly cancer. Cancer is oftentimes caused by the presence of a foreign agent which causes the body cells to adopt by mutating. This mutation, when left unattended, grow in masses of mutated cells which then mature as cancer.

Antioxidants fight the growth of cancer by reacting with the foreign mutation agents called free radicals, neutralizing them before they do any damage to the cells. Antioxidants also react with bad cholesterol to prevent the accumulation of bad fats on the walls of the heart arteries to help mitigate heart attack and atherosclerosis. Together with anthocyanins, another class of disease fighting chemicals which cherries also have an abundance of, cherries for pain is truly a medical truism that can help to alleviate the pain of many disease patients all over the world.

There are a variety of ways available to take cherries for pain. Those looking for a "dose of health" can eat fresh or frozen cherries as is. The cherry fruit is low in calories and high in water content making it a delicious snack without the side effects. Cherry concentrate and cherry extract can also be readily found in supermarket shelves making cherry juice a readily available refreshment for health enthusiasts. Of course, there are also cherry pills made specifically from cherries so anyone can easily avail of the benefits of cherries for health wherever they may be.

Consider adding cherries for pain to your daily diet if you have joint problems and enjoy the benefits of a tasty and natural food source that also acts as a medicinal solution at the same time.

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