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Cherries for Weight Loss?

In the search for effective weight management methods, people often forget the value of super fruits such as cherries for weight loss. We all want quick, painless, and effortless solutions to losing weight and in the process we lose sight of what is important – a simple, healthy diet consisting of the right food types and groups.

In this regard, there is immense value in incorporating cherry servings into one’s daily diet. We have all known for quiet a while that cherries are rich in antioxidants to help combat diseases of the cardiovascular system and even cancer which is caused by abnormal mutations in the human body. The antioxidants in cherries help cleanse the body from substances that promote mutation leading to cancer. But not that many are aware of the value of cherries for weight loss; so for purposes of clarity, let’s enumerate how cherries can contribute to promoting weight loss among dieters and health-conscious people:

1. Cherries are excellent snacks because they have very low calorie content. A cup of cherries contain less than 70 calories to go with all the antioxidant goodness. As a result, munching on a serving of cherries easily quells hunger pangs in healthy portions minus those dangerous calories.

2. Cherries also react with visceral fat by encouraging the body to metabolize fat faster. Studies by the University of Michigan show that cherry-infused diets result to lower body fat levels than control groups who did not have cherries in their daily food regimen. By correlating the degree of fat and weight loss to known risks for cardiovascular diseases, these studies have conclusively determined that cherries for weight loss are a winning and cheap formula for weight management.

3. Cherries are also rich in fiber which helps to absorb excess cholesterol in the upper and lower digestive tract. The fiber prevents digestion of cholesterol and moves it out of the body instead of allowing it to go into the bloodstream where it does most of its damage.

4. The high water content of cherries promotes better digestion and faster metabolic rates resulting to consumption of more fat deposits per day.

The main advantage with cherries for weight loss is that it they can be consumed in a variety of ways. Tart cherry juice is a common refreshing beverage while fresh cherries can be munched on or mixed with pastry for a tasty pie. Cherries have also found their way into deserts and granola mixes for a healthy snack. They are available fresh, frozen, dried or in concentrate or juice form. You can easily buy a pack of cherries at the nearest supermarket and whip up a healthy snack at any time of the day.

Recognizing the benefits of cherries for weight loss is a wonderful start to a healthier lifestyle. By being more deliberate in your food choices, you can learn to replace high-fat and calorie foods with nutritious and beneficial ones so you can begin to realize your weight loss goals starting by knowing how to eat correctly. All you need to do is begin with the diminutive but highly nutritious cherries for weight loss.

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