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The cherry is one of the popular fruits that has found its way to our desert platters regardless of whether they are sweet or sour. They are the perfect snack for dieters and make some of the best additions to other rich deserts such as chocolate brownies or cherries jubilee. Read on to learn some important cherries fruit facts.

The cherry was believed to have been discovered by the ancient Romans in about 70 B.C. It belongs to the Rosaceae family which is also known for other fruits such as peaches, almonds and the delicious plums. While there are many known species of cherries throughout the world, only two are commonly eaten: the tart cherry and the sweet cherry.

Traditionally, the cherry was used as a great desert. Moreover, it had a number of medicinal uses as well. For instance, the Chinese are known to have been using cherries as a way of treating inflammation related illnesses for a long time before their medicinal benefits were ever discovered.

One interesting cherries fruit fact is that sour cherries are much easier to grow than the sweet cherries. Moreover, sour cherries have more antioxidant properties than the sweet cherry variety. Typically, within the United States, sour cherries are grown in the Eastern side of the country, though there are some grown in other northern areas.

If you are going to buy cherries, then you should know that they are easily perishable and should be eaten or refrigerated as soon as they are bought. Cherries are known to stay fresh while refrigerated for about two days but no longer. One thing about cherries fruit in this regard is that they will rarely ripen after they have been bought. As such, be sure to buy only cherries that are ripe. Look for those with their stems that are still attached and have a supple exterior.

One of the most important cherries fruit facts that you should be aware about are the numerous health benefits to be gained from eating cherries. There are numerous studies that have been conducted about cherries and they have been found to have high concentrations of melatonin as well as an effect on inflammation.

The high melatonin concentrations in cherries may prove to help insomniacs get the rest they need. Moreover, studies on the same indicate that individuals who take a cupful of cherries or a spoon of cherry concentrate each day have better sleep patterns and are also able to fight off jet lag.

The high levels of antioxidants have been linked to fighting cancer and heart disease in patients who have a high risk of such diseases. Researchers have identified five key anthocyanins present within the skin of cherries which are responsible for eliminating free radicals from the body. Aside from these key health benefits, cherries also have low amounts of sodium and fat. Moreover, they have plenty of Vitamin C and are a great source of fiber. Better still, they are delicious.

As you see, cherries fruit have enough health benefits connected with them that it would be a good idea to add them to you diet. Our website has the largest selection of information on cherries as anyone on the internet. We also have a lot of great cherry recipes.