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Cherry cordials are probably the most well known and most popular of the cordials. A cordial is basically as a type of confectionary that features a chocolate outer shell and a fruit filling in the middle. Cordials are made from either milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate and the fruit filling can be made from blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, mango plums, peaches, apricots or any fruit that takes your fancy.

Cherry cordials and all other types of cordial derive their name from the fact that the fruit, in this case the cherry, is preserved in a cordial. A cordial is a sugary syrup or a sweet alcoholic drink. Cherry cordials can either be alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on the type of cordial that is used in making them.

For the alcoholic cherry cordials, the cherries can be steeped in not only alcoholic cherry cordial but also in rum, port, brandy, vodka, cognac or any alcoholic beverage of your choice to give them the extra punch. The alcoholic cherry cordial can be home made by mixing your favorite alcoholic drink with a cherry syrup. The cherry syrup is made by crushing whole cherries and mixing the crushed cherries in the syrup. Syrup is simply made by mixing sugar and water and bringing the mixture to boil.

You can use any type of cherry to make your cherry cordials but the maraschino cherries are the ones most commonly used. The maraschino cherries are best because they have been sweetened and preserved. They are quite commonly used in garnishing drinks, in recipes for cakes pastries, yoghurt, smoothies, milkshakes and sodas. They are in part preferred due to the fact that they do not have a pit. These cherries are not grown but are made from other types of cherries, most commonly the Mary Ann which is a sweet cherry. The name is derived from the fact that previously, the cherries were flavored using Maraschino cordial which is no longer used as it is very expensive.

Cherry cordials are a favorite among many people due to the many health benefits that can be accrued from eating cherries. Cherries have antioxidant properties which have made them to be linked to lowering chances of heart disease, decreasing discomfort in gout, reducing the inflammation in arthritis, fighting cancer, aiding in sleep and numerous other health benefits.

You can make cherry cordials from scratch at home or buy them from a supermarket or a chocolate store. These confectionaries make a fantastic gift for holidays such as Christmas, Valentine ’s Day, weddings and other special occasion. If you are making them from scratch, the internet is full of easy to use recipes which detail ingredients, interesting substitutions and serving suggestions.