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Cherries are excellent sources of many substances that are known in many circles to prevent or retard the progression of many different illnesses as well as lower the risk towards other more fatal ones. For example, cherries are known to work against arthritis and gout lowering both the pain and the frequency of episodes. However, because the cherry fruiting season is so short, there is a need to preserve all that cherry nutrition so it is available all year long. This is where cherry extract becomes a very important product.

Fresh cherries harvested towards the end of July find their way into extraction factories that separate the juice and the pulp readying it for various applications such as in the manufacture and packaging of cherry concentrate, cherry juice or cherry capsules.

The cherry extract is easier to preserve than actual fresh cherries and because of the manufacturing process, it does not lose much – if any at all – of the substances and nutrients that make cherry special. Good cherry extract products, according to many studies, contain the same amount of antioxidants, anthocyanins, flavonoids and other compounds that give it its amazing value. For this reason, people looking to exploit the healing benefits of cherries can simply switch to a cherry extract routine and still reap the benefits of incorporating cherries into the diet.

So what are the uses for cherry extract in one’s daily diet? Obviously, cherry juice is a good dietary item to have on any given day. Simply mixing cherry extract with water yields a refreshing and healthy beverage that is not only low in calories but high in a lot of disease-fighting compounds.

Cherry extract can also be an additive in various smoothies consisting of other fruits. Also a few drops can be added to green salads to give it a refreshing twist. You can even bake pastries and pies and add a little cherry extract into the mix to give it that infusion of health as well as the soothing smell of fresh cherries.

There are new limitless possibilities with cherry extract that you can explore and slowly incorporate into your dietary regime. Pretty soon, you’ll find it second nature to add cherries in healthy food servings so you get the maximum benefit of cherry supplements even if fresh or frozen cherries are not available on the supermarket counter.

Dieticians and nutritionists recommend at least two servings of cherries and cherry extract each day. Adding a tablespoon or two into your cereals or oatmeal in the morning takes care of the morning dose while a healthy refreshing smoothie in the afternoon can satisfy the afternoon dose. Simply put, there are near unlimited possibilities to incorporate cherry into your diet via extract form.

Be creative with your cherry options and reap the benefits of a healthy, satisfying and invigorating diet. Even if cherries are not in season, enjoy the wonderful benefits of the cherry by relying on cherry extract to fulfill your requirements of healthy and life-enriching compounds that can be found in cherries.

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