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Cherry Flavor And Its Important Uses

If you have been paying attention to many of the over the counter products that are available today, you will notice a good number that come in cherry flavor. From medicines like cough syrups to many foods, juices, concentrates, candies, pastries and other products, there are many that have a big market segment that specifically focuses on the cherry flavor.

A lot can be said about the value and quality of cherry flavor but nothing tops the health benefits that are inherent in cherries. Hence many product manufacturers go for the cherry flavor to emphasize that their products are geared for health and wellness.

You have already probably read of the many substances that are in cherries and what they do in turn to promote health and wellness. Cherries contain a good number of bioflavonoids and isoflavonoids which are known to help relieve suffering from arthritis and gout episodes. The high antioxidant content of cherries helps in lowering the risk for cancers, heart ailments and other lifestyle diseases.

Because cherries have low calorie and sugar content, they are excellent snacks to help combat diabetes. Anthocyanins are also responsible for body regulative processes that help to facilitate healing of cells and tissues making cherries a virtual package of goodness that are excellent for anyone looking to adopt a healthier diet.

This healthy image of cherries is why you find an inordinate amount of products that have cherry flavor. Companies strive to associate their brands and products closely with the image of healthy cherry servings, hence more and more products are coming out with a cherry flavored taste.

The most important thing to remember, however, is that only truly authentic and organic cherry flavored products possess all the goodness and benefits that are inherent to cherries. For example, processed cherry concentrates can be infused with a high amount of sugar which increases the calorie content and promotes weight gain and other sugar-related illnesses negating the benefits of fresh and organic cherries.

Cherry pills can also come with a variety of inorganic chemicals that can harm various tissues and cells in the body. Other products might just be cherry-flavored but in truth, there is nothing “cherry” about them once you get past the taste. These are just some of the ploy that companies can implement to fool customers into believing that they are getting a healthy serving of cherry-based products when in fact they are not.

Always read the label of all the products you buy so you can be sure you are getting authentic cherry-based products. For juice and concentrate, it is not enough to just have cherry flavor; up to and beyond 85% of the concentrates should be made from fresh cherries. The same is true for juices and other food types.

Be meticulous in your food intake and only go for real products from fresh food sources. That’s the only way you can be certain that you are getting the benefits that you deserve from cherries.

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