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Cherries are an age old wonder fruit whose medical benefits are just being understood. This is not to say that such medical benefits were not noted previously. There have been numerous instances where cherries have been recommended to patients suffering from gout and other inflammation related illness. However, there have been no concrete studies as to the role that cherries and other cherry products such as cherry fruit juice play in improving the health of individuals afflicted with such illnesses.

Here are some known facts about cherries. There are two cherry varieties which are commonly eaten. These are the sour cherry and the sweet cherry. Of the two, sour cherries are more popularly grown in the United States. Moreover, sour cherries offer more in terms of health benefits. The benefits that we receive from cherries are believed to lie within the skin of the cherry. Researchers have identified that the skin of cherries, as well as that of other fruits and vegetables, has high levels of antioxidants. More specifically, over five anthocyanins were found in the skin of cherries and these are credited for all the health benefits that cherries present.

However, as we all know cherries are a seasonal fruit. So how do you get your daily dose of cherries? Researchers say that drinking cherry fruit juice may offer more benefits than simply eating the cherries whole. As cherry fruit juice is concentrate, it is seemingly sound reasoning. Moreover, a single glass of cherry fruit juice is known to have the same health benefits as eating many portions of other fruits and vegetables.

The high levels of antioxidants contained within cherry fruit juice concentrate is attributed to longevity of the oldest people in the world. Measurements involving the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC indicated that the oldest people in the world have a high intake of antioxidants, over 6,000 ORAC units every single day. A single glass of cherry fruit juice has over 8,000 units. In comparison, a glass of various other fruits and vegetables has slightly over 1700 ORAC units.

Cherry fruit juice is easily available in most convenience stores. Unlike fresh cherries which only last for two to three days when refrigerated, cherry fruit juice can be refrigerated for a much longer period of time.

As you may have probably heard, there are ongoing battles between the FDA and cherry marketers where the FDA accuses such marketers of unproven claims relating to the health benefits of cherries and cherry products such as cherry fruit juice. However, numerous websites all over the web have testimonials from people who tried out cherries and cherry fruit juice and are enjoying the health benefits of such products. In any case, there is no harm in drinking a glass of cherry fruit juice on a daily basis. It has a great taste and due to its low calorie intake, is also great for your health as well.