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Cherry health benefits have been known about for many centuries, but where do they come from? What is in the makeup of a cherry that give them these great health benefits? Hopefully we can answer a these questions.

It is all about the red skin. The red skin on the cherry, that is. This is where the magic is; the anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are somewhat less publicized than antioxidant flavonoids but they are a very important part of cherry health benefits. They, like all the other flavonoids, protect many of our body systems and they have a distinct and noble role of giving color to flowers and fruits.

The red cherry is exceptionally endowed with this antioxidant as evidenced by its beautiful red color. It seems that long ago when our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, they consumed a lot more anthocyanins than we do now, because a large portion of their diet was beautifully skinned berries. With that thought in mind, it may be that we are deficient in this powerful antioxidant. Perhaps we should eat more cherries?

This simple fruit that is closely associated with George Washington, Americana, Mary Englebreit, and Erma Bombeck provides us with an expansive array of protective cherry health benefits. Some people are even touting this stone fruit as a “super fruit” because of these proclaimed (and documented) health benefits. Benefits such as easing the relentless pain from arthritis and gout, helping to diminish the risk factors associated with heart disease, and even aiding in the prevention of diabetes and various cancers are being mentioned.

Beyond the medicinal aid, cherries can also help you get a good night’s sleep; they contain melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that helps to regulate sleep. I certainly do not dispute these lofty claims, for I contend that Mother Nature has provided us with an ample medicine cabinet and cherries hold a place of honor within her esteemed cupboard. I agree with a statement Hippocrates made somewhere around the 400s, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. This is timeless, and I believe, absolutely true.

A few years ago, researchers from the University of Michigan Health System posted data from an animal study they conducted concerning the cherry health benefits. It seems that while tart cherries make a scrumptious cherry pie, they are also capable of more noteworthy jobs such as adjusting factors linked to heart disease and diabetes – such a big job for such a tiny fruit! As I stated early, it all has a lot to do with the beautiful red skin.

The list of cherry health benefits continues. Two more great things about cherries worth mentioning are their vitamin C content and their fiber content. While these qualities are common to most fruits, they are very important nonetheless. Vitamin C rich foods are thought to provide a defense against many types of diseases, and foods that contain fiber are a great defense against colon and rectal cancer as well as other diseases of the digestion system.

In conclusion, there is enough evidence out there that supports the health benefits of the tiny cherry. It may be that our ancestors understood a bit more than we might have thought and that we too should hunt and gather cherries and enjoy the health benefits their bright red skins have to offer.

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