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Cherry Juice Extract and its health benefits

The benefits of cherries are widely documented both in medical literature and anecdotal accounts. Because of this one can easily find an increasing number of cherry juice extract products on the supermarket shelf.

The health benefits of cherries are mainly due to their high concentration of various healthy compounds like antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, beta carotene, and healthy elements like potassium, iron and magnesium to help the body perform normal regulative and healing processes. Cherries are also low in calorie and high in fiber making them excellent all around snacks for everyone looking to cut down on calorie intake.

The only bad thing about cherries is that the cherry growing season is relatively short so that for most of the year there is no fresh cherries to be found. This has led to the increase in the supply for canned and dried cherries as well as cherry juice extract and concentrates that can be used to make healthy cherry-based beverages. These liquid products offer considerable advantages despite the recognition that chopped fruits in bite-sized servings are still the best option for consuming cherries.

One great thing about juice extracts is it’s much easier to consume more cherries when taken in as a beverage. Since cherry juice extract is available year round, you never run out of a supply of cherry health benefits. Although eating those delicious cherries can't be beat, there are just times when they are not available. As a liquid, 20mL of cherry juice extract mixed with 330 mL of water (equivalent to the standard serving for a glass of soda) is equivalent to two and a half cups of fresh cherry fruits.

Increasing your consumption of cherries based on a combination of solid and liquid cherry-based products can help boost your resistance to common diseases like cancer, weight-related illnesses, cardiovascular problems like stroke and heart attack and even atherosclerosis, the thickening of the blood vessel walls due to cholesterol resulting to increased blood pressure and embolism.

When buying cherry extracts, it is preferable to get them in concentrate form so you know that all you are getting is cherry essence. Some ready-to-drink cherry juices on the market are made from small amounts of cherry juice extract diluted with water and sugar. This can only nullify the benefits of cherries and can even increase your susceptibility to diabetes due to the high sugar intake from artificial cherry mixtures.

Dieticians recommend at least two glasses of home-made cherry juice a day. It is best to drink a glass in the morning and a second glass at night around 3 hours before you go to bed. This will allow the body to properly absorb the nutrients from the cherries so you can enjoy the maximum benefits of cherry consumption. A great plus is there are special nutrients in cherries that help you get a good night's sleep, but that is another article.

Incorporate this routine of adding cherry juice extract into you daily diet and start reaping the benefits of cherry health.

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