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Gout sufferers have long complained of the nature of the sickness, not only because of the severity of the pain during a gout attack but also because gout has no known medical cure. Instead, doctors only manage to give supplemental medicines coupled with a strict diet to minimize the onset of gout attacks. Lately, cherry juice for gout has been documented as a suitable supplement that can help gout sufferers manage their condition by using this tasty and natural fruit drink.

Cherries are excellent gout management supplements because they provide substances that the body lacks in order to break down uric acid from meaty diets and other food sources. Contained in cherries are flavonoids which help to breakdown uric acid in the blood stream before they are deposited in the joints which can bring on gout inflamation. Cherries also contain anthocyanins, the naturally occurring red pigment that gives cherries its characteristic red hue, which helps reduce the inflammation of joints during a gout attack. This also aids in lessening the pain experienced by patients and overall leads to a significant level of relief in both frequency and severity as validated by a number of medical studies. For example, a University of California-Davis study showed up to a 15 percent reduction in uric acid levels in the blood stream of patients who regularly take cherry servings, either fresh, dried, canned or in juice or cherry extract form.

Because of the short period with which cherries can be harvested and eaten fresh, cherry juice is fast gaining preference as the best supplemental form for gout sufferers. Cherry juice for gout works just as well as fresh cherry servings and can be taken any time of the day either as a snack, an accompanying beverage to a meal, or mixed with other foods and beverages.

To prepare a home-made cherry juice portion that’s available any time of the day, purchase a high quality cherry juice concentrate from the market and stock sufficient portions that can last you up to two weeks or even a month. Cherry extracts do not spoil and can be used over a significant period if stored properly. Cherry juice for gout also does not discriminate between cherry types as both varieties have been demonstrated to alleviate gout symptoms to some degree so it is up to the consumer to choose a preference. If one prefers a sweet tasting cherry extract without the need for adding extra sugar, sweet cherry extract is a perfect choice, otherwise tart cherry or Montmorency cherry extracts are just as potent.

At the start of the day, one can pre-mix up to five tablespoons of extract into one liter of water and store this in the refrigerator. Over the course of a day, this can be consumed in multiple servings – as cherry juice for gout during a light, healthy snack, a lunchtime beverage, or as afternoon refreshments on a hot summer day. It also works well with yogurt and smoothies as a flavoring additive or simply a top-off, or even taking the extract directly although this can be too sweet for some people.

Dieticians and doctors recommend maintaining at least two cherry juice for gout dosages over the period when uric acid levels remain high, then gradually lowering the consumption to at least one serving per day thereafter. While the regimen is not guaranteed to work the same way for everyone, a significant portion of gout sufferers have reported some degree of positive reception to the supplement; besides, cherry juice also offers other benefits like lowering the risk for cardiovascular diseases and cancers and presents no side effects making it an ideal food supplement even for those without gout issues.

Overall, cherries are healthy and nutritious food sources and everyone should consider incorporating them into their diets for a steady source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other substances that can increase one’s resistance to illnesses and best of all remedy the pain for gout sufferers. It’s a cheap and natural alternative to artificial vitamin supplements, not to mention that delicious taste for those looking for a quick snack or cool beverage every now and then.

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