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Many are already aware of the many health benefits of fresh cherries but do you know that cherry juice health benefits are just as, if not even more, potent than your average cherry serving. According to a recently published study that looked into the awesome benefits of cherries, a glass of cherry juice packs as much nutritive value as 23 servings of fruits and vegetables. Imagine what that can do for you and your family in the areas of health and wellness.

The first major benefit with cherry juice is that it packs all the health benefits of cherries into a form that is more readily absorbed by the body. When eating fresh cherries, the cherry has to be digested first before the beneficial substances are extracted and then utilized for various metabolic and disease-fighting purposes.

With cherry juice health benefits, this is not the case. Consider, once the cherry juice comes into the stomach, it can already be absorbed directly by the stomach walls. As a result, there is no waste of nutritive value for each serving resulting into a more potent dose of antioxidants such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, ellagic acid, melatonin and many others.

Likewise, when compared directly to more common varieties of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, bananas and tomatoes, the antioxidant levels in cherries are five times higher and are therefore more nutritious. In a 250mL serving of cherry juice, there are 8,300 ORAC units of antioxidants compared to 1,800 ORAC units in most other fruits and vegetables. The more antioxidants that are available in food, the more resources are available for the body to combat common illnesses as well as more severe and chronic varieties like cancer.

When planning to incorporate cherry juice health into your diet, it is worthwhile to consider a few important factors for cherry servings. First, be wary of commercial cherry juice varieties as these may have been mixed with an excess amount of sugar to give it more flavor. In its natural state, cherries have very low calorie and sugar content, up to 70 calories for 120grams of fresh cherries.

In commercial varieties, sugars are added to make the cherry juice more palatable to those who like their refreshments sweet. Subsequently, diluting the juice negates some of its potent antioxidant powers. As such, the best way to enjoy cherry juice health is to find fresh cherries and juice it yourself through a fruit juicer then mix it with other fruits to diversify your antioxidant intake. If cherries are out of season you can make your juice with cherry concentrate.

Whatever your preferences are when it comes to fruits and vegetables, you know that cherry juice health benefits can do you wonders when it comes to nutrition, wellness and disease fighting. So do not purposely distance yourself from the valuable benefits of cherry juice; instead, make an effort to visit the nearest grocer and start incorporating cherry juice health into your daily meals.

After all, who doesn’t want the full array of inflammatory and heart disease fighting nutrients that cherry juice health benefits brings to the table? We know we want to, and we know you want that too!

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