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With the boom in our understanding of cherry nutrition facts and the general accessibility of cherries to everyday consumers, cherries have shot up to the top of the “super fruit” pyramid. Where before cherries were only prized for their taste and versatility in the preparation of various dishes from appetizers to desserts, cherries are now valued for their nutritive benefits and life-giving characteristics as well.

In the succeeding paragraphs, we will examine cherry nutrition facts and how they bring value to consumers worldwide in terms of the health and wellness.

Antioxidants. Cherries are known for their very high antioxidant content. In most food nutrition rating and classification systems, cherries are among the top 20 worldwide in terms of the amount of antioxidants you get per serving. Most cherry nutrition facts listing notes that cherries have up to 4,873 antioxidant units in one cup of fresh or frozen cherries, easily equivalent to what you can get in expensive antioxidant supplements in the market. The high concentration of antioxidants also means that cherries are excellent at helping the body neutralize harmful free radicals which are known to cause various forms of cancer.

Melatonin. In recent years, melatonin has grabbed the attention of worldwide medical organizations due to its purportedly role in regulative body processes particularly in sleeping and relaxation. As it turns out, cherries are also rich in melatonin. This new addition to an already long list of cherry nutrition facts has helped to boost the popularity of cherries as a beauty-product. Today, dermatologists and dieticians alike prescribe consuming cherries to help ward off sleep disorders and ensure that you get a good night’s rest.

Relief for Joint Pains. Cherries have long been known to play an active role in the prevention and treatment of arthritis and arthritis-like diseases such as gout. The anthocyanins in cherries help to counteract the effects of the undigested uric acid, breaking it down and relieving inflammation in the affected joints. Many bone doctors recommend a daily serving of fresh cherries or cherry extract as a means to control the amount of uric acid in the bloodstream of patients.

Cardiovascular Health. Cherry nutrition facts and benefits also extend to cardiovascular health. A combination of the antioxidants and vitamins in cherries help to insulate the cells from damage as well as prevent the build-up of harmful arterial plaque which normally leads to constricting of blood vessels. This is done via lowering of the blood cholesterol level through the action of regulative vitamins and minerals.

Brain Health. The melatonin in cherries has a positive indirect effect on brain health. When the natural sleeping patterns are restored, the brain is able to do more damage repair as well as "organization of thoughts and memories" resulting in better brain function the day after. This also helps in lowering stress levels and controlling aging-related effects. Recent studies are also beginning to show that anthocyanins play a crucial role in insulating the neural network of the brain from common types of damage ensuring that it works in the most optimum manner possible.

The explosion of cherry nutrition facts has certainly helped to add value to the standing of cherries as a food that should be present in every diet as often as possible. Whether you are planning to consume fresh or frozen cherries, eat them as is or add them to desserts, drink them as fruit juices, or even use cherry pills as supplements during months of fresh cherry shortage, you can be confident that additional cherry servings in your diet would help to keep many diseases at bay, and as such reduce the number of your visits to the doctor so you can focus on living your life everyday, free from the gripping effects of many illnesses. And you get all this by simply munching on a bowl of sumptuous cherries or using a cherry supplement such as cherry extract to make cherry juice; what’s not to love?

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