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A person's health should be the most important thought they have when planning their everyday meals. Unfortunately, this is not the case as many people tend to eat rather unhealthy foods which in no way contribute to their health. This leads to a number of people developing easily avoidable illnesses due to decreased immunity. However, through eating the right foods an individual can easily ensure that they bolster their immunity. This is the case with cherry nutrition

There are lots of cherry nutrition facts that may influence one’s decision to take up eating cherries. One cherry nutrition fact in particular is that cherries may have a significant role in pain relief from inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis and gout.

A number of researchers have discovered that cherries contain a large amount of antioxidant properties in their skin and this plays an important role in relieving inflammation. Studies has been carried out on a number of patients with gout and arthritis and a significant number report a decrease in inflammatory pain after a few days of eating cherries or cherry products.

Another cherry nutrition fact is that a glass of cherries each day is equivalent to 23 portions of other fruits and vegetables. This is quite beneficial as one gets the same amount of nutrients for much less in terms of cost. Cherries contain healthy amounts of Vitamins A, E and K. Moreover, they have all the B vitamins with the exception of Vitamin B12. Cherries have also been known to be one of the best sources of Vitamin C.

One may also benefit from the vast amount of minerals contained within cherries. Cherries have a healthy amount of potassium and are a great option for those who watch their salt intake as their sodium count is just below 5 mg. Moreover, cherries also have adequate amounts of manganese and copper, as well as small amounts of iron, zinc, calcium, as well as magnesium. These are some outstanding cherry nutrition facts.

In some situations, one may find that cherries are out of stock. This is quite a common situation especially when cherries are out of season. Fortunately, cherries are not the only way to get cherry nutrition.

Cherry capsules and cherry juice concentrate are some other great sources of cherry nutrition. These alternative sources even have a number of benefits over the fresh variety of cherries.

Cherry fruit alternatives such as cherry extract are much more concentrated in terms of nutrients than fresh cherries. Moreover, the alternatives can be stored for much longer without one having to worry about any decomposition.

Finally, cherry capsules and cherry juice concentrate tend to be much more conservative on one’s budget as one may only buy them every month or so as compared to buying cherries every day or every week so as to get one’s cherry nutrition.

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