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If you’re looking to add the nutritional benefits of cherries into your daily diet but you are unable to buy fresh cherries but a couple of months a year, consider taking cherry pills instead. Made from actual fresh cherries so that the nutritive value is retained in each unit, cherry pills appeal to people who like to get their supplements in the conventional form. Now you don’t have to take pill after pill of vitamin and mineral supplements; instead, you can pick a more organic and natural health supplement that provides the same nutritive value and an even broader spectrum of health benefits.

The magic of cherry pills is fundamentally based the high content of antioxidants which in turn is derived from the high antioxidant content of cherries. When consumed fresh, cherries have an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) – a measure of antioxidant potency – of about 3,600. Nutritionists recommend consuming about 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC per day per person in order to reduce the risk of contracting diseases due to free radical cellular damage. With cherry pills, you need just one pill and you’ve already met your daily ORAC dietary requirements.

The high antioxidant content in cherry pills, consequently, leads to a variety of benefits that can help anyone live a better life, health-wise. Antioxidants are excellent for lowering one’s risks towards cancer, heart ailments, and hypertension. This is particularly beneficial for people who have a genetic connection to these illnesses. When combined with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, cherry pills are more valuable than conventional vitamin and mineral supplements simply because of its unrivaled antioxidant content.

But perhaps the biggest market for cherry pills has to do with combating the nasty symptoms of gout and other types of arthritis. Gout, in particular, is a very disruptive and painful condition affecting the joints. Elevated uric acid levels in the blood of the patient eventually crystallize in the joints leading to an inflammatory condition that brings with it a lot of pain. For years, doctors have tried to find a definitive cure for gout to no avail.

The introduction of cherry pills on the market has been a boon for many who are looking for ways to control and limit the symptoms of gout to a tolerable level. Studies have shown that the flavonoids in cherry pills, another type of antioxidant, helps react and metabolize the uric acid in the blood before it crystallizes in the joints. Patients report that this has considerably eased their symptoms and subsequently reduces the frequency of painful gout attacks.

So the next time you find yourself looking for a way to manage your arthritis symptoms or just simply eyeing a new vitamin and mineral supplement, consider buying cherry products instead. Don’t get caught up on your traditional supplements, get something that is food-based, and one that has been proven to help many overcome their problems with arthritis. With cherry pills in your medicine cabinet, you can continue to be healthy and well-nourished even when cherries are not available fresh on supermarket shelves. And that’s something you certainly want to keep having the whole year round.