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We all know what an amazing health treat fruit smoothies can be anytime of the day or night. They are not only a delicious drink, but packed full of completely natural vitamins, nutrients and other important ingredients your body needs to function properly. Best of all, they fat free and low in calories. What a great combination for losing weight and staying in shape.

Since I am a cherry lover, cherry smoothies have always been my favorite, and I have a nice cherry smoothie recipe. It seems as though every year a new study comes out praising the nutritional attributes of cherries and cherries health benefits. Of course that is all great, and I am happy cherries are good for my health, but for me, I use my cherry smoothie recipe because I love that cherry taste.

One nice thing about cherry smoothies, or any kind of smoothie for that matter, is they only take a matter of minutes to prepare. If you are in the mood for a cool, healthy drink but short of time, in only five minutes you can have your smoothie poured in a plastic glass and walking out the door.

Anyway, since you are reading this article you are probably more interested in how to make a cherry smoothie than you are in all this talk, so here is my short and sweet cherry smoothie recipe.

If you want a totally natural drink that taste great and is good for you, too, all you need is 2 cups of cherries, one cup of cherry juice and a few ice cubes. Just put them together in your blender and puree until your smoothie is the consistency you like, and it is ready to go.

What is so great about smoothies, is you can experiment until you find the exact taste you like. Most people put in more than one fruit for an exotic taste and even more nutrients. I know sometimes I add a banana to my cherry smoothies and it is delicious. When I don't have cherry juice, I like to use apple juice instead to give it that really unique taste.

Okay, there you are. It couldn't be any easier than that. You really need to making a few cherry smoothies if you have never had one. If they are not in season, you can use frozen cherries. You will still get that sweet cherry taste, that great cherry nutrition and a nice cool refreshment that will make you wish you had made a double batch of this delightful cherry smoothie recipe.

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