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Cherry Stoner - a fast and effective tool

A cherry stoner is a device designed to ease the stoning process for cherries. It also speeds up the process enabling individuals to save on energy, effort and time. Moreover, the device is easy to wash and assemble. Cherries are stoned to make juice, paste or jam. Cherries are commonly considered to be super fruits because they are vital to the health of an individual. A plethora of conducted research reveals various health benefits of cherries.

According to scientists the red pigment on the cherries which is known as anthocyanins is responsible for most health benefits of cherries. This compound contains a group of antioxidants that protect cherries from UV radiation. Conversely, when consumed the antioxidant properties of the fruit are transferred to individuals. They act on free radicals that damage body cells. As a result individuals are able to maintain their youthful looks for a long period of time. The anthocyanins compounds also trigger the production of essential amino acids which curbs nitrogen, UV radiation and oxygen from damaging body cells. Therefore, to curb the aging process each household should own a cherry stoner.

Moreover, the anthocyanins compounds act as anti-inflammatory and pain relievers. They naturally curb the synthesis of COX-2 enzymes that enhance pain. In addition, as anti-inflammatory they protect individuals from the risk of various kinds of cancer, headaches, gout and arthritis. Furthermore, the fruit is made up of melatonin a compound that enables individuals to have sufficient sleep. This is because melatonin regulates the sleeping cycle.

Normally, the human body synthesizes melatonin in the dark therefore minimal amounts of this compound in the body contributes to loss of sleep. On the other hand, a high amount of melatonin enables the body to fight heart and cancer related diseases, curb memory loss and help with jet lag. Melatonin also acts as a painkiller thus effectively inhibits the synthesis of COX-2 enzymes. This further stipulates the importance of owning a cherry stoner.

Cherries contain an array of vitamins such as beta carotene and vitamin C which play a part in improving the immune system of individuals. This minimizes their chances for development of diseases. The fruit also contains fibers that enhance the digestive process. This is important as it lowers the total amount of fat, cholesterol and calories absorbed by the body. As a result individuals are protected from cardiovascular related diseases and obesity.

Recent studies show the importance of cherries to weight loss. The fruit comprises of a small percentage of fat and calories. However, cherries have a high volume of water. This boosts the metabolism process and energy levels of individuals thereby enabling them to lose excess weight and maintains the required body mass index.

In addition, cherries have a very low percentage of sodium and high levels of potassium. This helps the body to maintain balanced amounts of water. The low percentage of sodium prevents the body from retaining excess water. As a result individuals are able to maintain the standard body weight. Therefore, with a cherry stoner at home valuable time, effort and money usually spend in weight loss programs are saved.

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