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CHERRY VARIETIES - Many to choose from and all of them healthy

Cherries are considered to be among the prettiest fruit growing on earth. No one would really think otherwise, especially since the fruits are not only appealing to the eye but also to the palate. Most people consider them tempting because of their attractive red color. Anyone looking at these luscious fruits sitting in a bowl will find thier mouth watering right before they have a mouthful of cherries. But that is okay. Eat all you want. Cherry varieties are considered to be very healthy and practically fat-free.

There are a lot of cherry varieties which are grown and sold commercially all over the world. All these can be categorized in two groups which are the sweet variety and the tart variety. These fruits can be canned, dried, made into juice or eaten fresh. Some cherry varieties do very well in making pie. Some make refrigerator deserts awesome. We will look at a few common varieties of cherries that are available on the market.

Bing Cherries: This type became common in the 1870s and is now the most popular cherry variety in the U.S. This juicy fruit turns deep red when ripe and has an exceptionally sweet taste. They are largely grown in Washington and California and are in season between the months of May and early August. Research shows that these cherries contain an anti-oxidant that is essential in the fight against diseases in the body. Cherries are therefore beyond just making your taste buds feel great, they help the body in matters related to health because they also contain minerals and vitamins that are needed for the normal functioning of the body.

Garnet Cherries: They were developed in California originally by Marvin Nies, a cherry breeder. Of all the cherry varieties, the garnet Cherries have the most uniform shape. Their skin is red and glossy and they are typically sweet and very firm. You can also recognize garnet cherries by their short stems.

Sequoia Cherries: These are cross cherry varieties that were created in Le Grand by researchers at Bradford Genetics, California. The rights to grow, pack and sell sequoia cherries are owned by a California based company. The cherries are crispy and very sweet.

Sweetheart Cherries: these are bright red in color and are heart-shaped. They have a thick stem and are exceptionally firm. They have a mild but sweet taste. They are in season throughout the month of August. They are a cross breed between Newstar and Van, which are other varieties of cherry fruits.

Rainer Cherries: this is a cross breed between Van and Bing types. They have a yellowish-red skin with a yellowish flesh. These cherries are not firm compared to other varieties. They are very sweet since they have very high sugar content.

Cherries are wonderful fruits whether to look at or to eat. In today’s world of junk foods, there is nothing as great as having something sweet to eat without worrying about your weight or health in general.

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