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Chocolate Dipped Cherries - Oh, So good

Chocolate dipped cherries are chocolate treats that have been around for quite some time. Their history can be dated back to sometimes in the nineteenth century. This recipe was invented by some unknown chocolate company during this period and ever since has been one of cherry lover's favorites. I don't know of one person who have eaten chocolate dipped cherries that didn't have a positive comment.

There are different recipes from different chefs that you can follow to make your own chocolate dipped cherries at home. We are going to look at one particular basic preparation but do not forget that there are many other recipes that you can use. All you have to know are the major ingredients and then you can add your own twist and still come up with delicious chocolate dipped cherries. Of course the most obvious ingredients are cherries and chocolate.

To begin with you should have maraschino cherries that still have their stalks intact. Other ingredients include corn syrup, softened butter, confectioners sugar, and chocolate which should be partly sweet. If you have all these at hand, you are ready to learn how these great tasting treats are made.

Mix butter and corn syrup in a large bowl until it becomes a soft combination. Add the sifted confectioners sugar to the mixture and stir thoroughly. Then take the cherries one by one holding their stalks and dip them into the mixture and let them cool and become compact after solidifying. Melt chocolate in a pan and stir until smooth. Again, dip the cherries into the chocolate holding them by their stalks and let them cool on a baking sheet. After they have cooled down, store them in well closed containers. This is just how simple the process of making chocolate dipped cherries really is.

If you can make chocolate covered cherries at home then you can give guests a great treat during the festive season. As mentioned earlier, once you have the experience of making chocolate dipped cherries following the basic recipe, you can then comfortably customize the whole process. This means that you can add your own flavors such as milk, vanilla or rum. You can also opt to use dark chocolate instead of the normal one.

There are a lot of recipes that can be found in books and online. You can visit different chef websites and get to discover new things you can do with your chocolate dipped cherries recipe so as to make it more delicious and attractive. Still, you can have all the recipes in the world but it all comes down to two factors, your creativity and your imagination. These are the only limits as to how good your chocolate covered cherries will look like or how great and different they will taste.

With these details you are now all set to entertain your guests on a special day with home made sweets which are considered a great treat. Even better, a box of homemade chocolate dipped cherries can be a very great gift item.

Though our website mainly concentrates on the health benefits of cherries we do like to put in a few good recipes now and then. However, if you are interested in cherries health benefits, be sure and don't go overboard and eat too much of that chocolate. Spread it around to family and friends.