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The health benefits of cherries are getting more and more apparent as research shows time and again how they can help our bodies keep running smoothly and disease free. It has been found that concentrated cherry juice, especially of the tart cherry variety, has the highest oxygen radical absorption capacity of any other fruits or vegetables. It is a pure and natural juice rich in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants It is rich in fiber, beta carotene and potassium, but still low in cholesterol and saturated fats.

You would need to eat between 55-65 cherries to get the same amount of nutrient content as you would in one ounce of concentrated juice. Of course taking the concentrated juice is not going to taste near as good as biting into one of those delicious fresh cherries, but the convenient thing is you can get purchase it year round, and if you are taking it for medical purposes it doesn't really matter.

To make concentrated cherry juice the tart cherries are harvested, washed and mashed to break down the fruit so it can be extracted. It will then be passed though a filter and reduced to a syrup, at which time it is sealed and cooled to make sure its nutrients do not escape. It will later be distributed to different health food stores as concentrate, or perhaps sold directly to the consumer through internet marketing.

Free radicals are toxins that take electrons from our cells, leaving them weak and more vulnerable to invasion by contaminates that can harm the body. When you take antitoxins, they provide the electrons the free radicals want, thus they are not as likely to bother your healthy cells. Cherries and concentrated cherry juice contain more antitoxins than any other form of natural foods.

There are many other benefits of cherries and cherry juice than just their ability to stop free radicals from damaging our body. Below you will find a number of things they can do to help us in our fight against disease.

1 - Anti-Inflammatory benefits – Anti-inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and gout can be very painful and debilitating. One reason cherry concentrate helps relieve these problems may be its ability to get rid of or lower uric acid, which is known as a detrimental factor in these types of diseases. Studies at Michigan State University have shown concentrated cherry juice to be 10 times more effective in treating inflammation than aspirin. Many individuals with painful inflammation problems have stated that tart cherry juice has given them a noticeable amount of pain relief, as well as having restored some free movement in their effected joints. Although there is some controversy on the matter, there are thousands of people who swear by it, and who have made written statements of how concentrated cherry juice has changed their life for the better by reducing the pain.


2 – Sleep Aid – Many individuals say that if they take a spoon of concentrated juice before bedtime, they sleep better. It is felt this is because of the melatonin content in the juice. Melatonin is an antioxidant that is also produced naturally by our pineal gland.

3 - Disease Fighting Abilities – Concentrated cherry juice has a compound called anthorcyanin, which belongs to a group of compounds called flavonoids. This class of antioxidants possess properties that are known to help in the fight against stroke, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.

If you have any of the above listed health problems, you may want to try using some concentrated cherry juice for a while and see if it helps. If you like, ask your physician about taking it. Some may be a little skeptical of its use, but every individual in this world is different, just as their body makeup is different. If you have pain, disability, or other disease problems, trying something new may be just what you need.

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