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The Benefits of Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice

Recently, mainstream media brought to light information about the potent health benefits of cherry juice. Although some are skeptical, many have said that it is indeed true. Verified claims have backed concentrated tart cherry juice as an aid in preventing certain illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases. Cherry juice also relieves pain from arthritis, gout and chronic back problems.

Prunus avium or simply cherry contains large amounts of antioxidants, enzymes and anti-inflammatory properties that are vital for optimum health.

The red pigment of the cherry is called anthocyanins. This antioxidant found in cherries is now under intensive clinical research for possible health benefits. Series of research have been conducted to understand its properties and how it reacts to the human body. Animal research funded by Cherry Marketing Institute presented during the Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego in 2008 showed that concentrated tart cherries significantly relieved inflammations in test animals.

Because of these series of clinical research, different methods have been developed to market products from cherries. One of these products is the concentrated tart cherry juice which is widely marketed around the globe. The juice comes with different formulas, different dosages, descriptive labels and brands.

Concentrated tart cherry juice’s inflammatory relieving properties makes it popular among consumers that experience chronic pain. Amazon consumer reviews even states that cherry juice is a proven and effective way to ease pain. This is attributed to anthocyanins that are responsible for decreasing the blood urates that can cause joint pain. Its natural formula is also a factor for consumers patronizing the product.

Older individuals who are prone to arthritis and gout ranked high among consumers who purchase or use the product. They favoured alternative ways of relieving their pain rather than using synthetic medicines that are generally costly and have side effects. For them, concentrated tart cherry juice is the cost-effective way to ease their inflammatory problems.

Physicians from the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center have found certain compounds may control blood sugar levels and insulin. Those diabetic, pre-diabetic and those at risk may benefit from this study. Figures from American Diabetes Association suggest that most Americans with pre-diabetes will fall into the list of type 2 diabetic patients in 10 years time. Therefore, food intake and lifestyle should be changed to prevent the figures to reach its peak.

Since that cherries contain large amount of antioxidants compared to other fruits, concentrated tart cherry juice may contain almost the same amount of antioxidants that are necessary to lower plasma marker of oxidative damage in the body.

Cherries also have phytosterols that regulates LDL or low-density lipoprotein. This LDL is known as bad cholesterol that causes different types of heart diseases. This phytosterols will not diminish during the process of making concentrated tart cherry juices. In that case, consuming concentrated tart cherry juices will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Another consideration in concentrated tart cherry juice is its potent amount of antioxidants. Since it is carefully extracted to produce concentrated syrup, the syrup is equivalent to 60 cherries. The more concentrated the syrup the more potent the juice is.

Clinical research about cherry juice is in early stage so there is no single dosage and prescription is set. However, cherries are still widely recognized by individuals who experience relief by consuming relative amounts of concentrated tart cherry juice. Alternative medicine also makes cherries a ‘delicious cure’ to pain.

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