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The Different Cherry Varieties

Cherries are one of the most popular desert delicacies you will find anywhere in the world. People value cherries not only due to their rich taste, but the abundant amount of health benefits they possess as well. The health benefits are found in all different cherry varieties, but the tart cherries have been found to contain the most.

Cherries have been used to aid in pain relief for inflammatory diseases such as gout and arthritis. Cherry pigments contain antioxidants which help fight free radical cancer causing cells. Moreover, cherries have also been used by patients with kidney-related illnesses as they are thought to lower urate levels in one’s system. Furthermore, research is currently being undertaken to see whether these health benefits can help with neurodegenerative diseases as well.

There are two different cherry varieties: sweet cherries and sour cherries. In other resources, one may find that cherry varieties have been grouped according to the location where the cherries are grown. However, classifying all cherries into two consolidated groups makes it much easier to know which cherry is which. Sour cherries are more popular due to their ease of use in pies and other deserts. These cherries are too tart for many to be eaten raw. Thus, they must be added to the deserts. Sweet cherry varieties can also be used to make deserts. However, there are commonly eaten raw due to their sweet taste. There are many different cherry varieties in both the tart cherry group and the sweet cherry group.

The common sour cherry contains many different cherry varieties including the Montmorency and Morello. These are best known by their high tart flavor as well as the location where they are grown i.e. Michigan in The Great Lakes Region. Moreover, they have a bright red color which serves as an identifier. These cherries are, unfortunately, only available for a few weeks after which they go out of season. As noted earlier, the sour cherry varieties are best used for deserts. Their taste is brought out when they are baked.

The sweet cherry varieties are commonly grown in the West Coast region of the United States. They are normally heart-shaped and have a dark red distinguishing color. Only a few varieties have a darker tint in their color. Common sweet cherry varieties include Bing, Lambert, Tulare, as well as Chelan and Sweetheart. When selecting sweet cherries, one should search for the shiny black cherries with taut skins. When used for baking purposes, these cherries tend to become mushy. Thus, care must be taken when using them. The sweet cherry season is longer than that of the sour cherry varieties, running from May well into August.

When selecting different cherry varieties, one has to ensure that they pick cherries without any blemishes. Moreover, one should ensure that the cherries they pick are still attached to the stem.

Most of the different cherry varieties are available fresh in many convenience stores when the cherries are in season. If they are not in season you can still find different cherry varieties canned, frozen or dried either is stores or over the internet.

Cherries health benefits have gotten so popular that you can even by cherry concentrate and cherry pills to take advantage of a larger dose of their nutrients. These can be found in health food store or over the internet.

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