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Dried bing cherries are a versatile fruit and make a healthy snack right out of the bag or perhaps added to your favorite breakfast cereal. They are also great in things muffins, fruit cakes, homemade ice cream and a number of other delicious treats.

One of the best things about dried bing cherries are they are all natural and you never have to worry about unhealthy additives that you find in so many fruits on the grocery shelves today.

The bing cherry is the sweetest of the sweet and one of the most popular cherries in the world for eating when plump and fresh. When ripe they turn a deep purple and are filled with that sweet bing cherry juice that makes them so loved and sought after.

Unfortunately, the bing cherry has a very short growing season. There are only 7 or 8 weeks out of the whole year you are lucky enough to find them in your favorite super market. It is a good thing for cherry lovers that when dried, bing cherries still have their great taste and can last for months and be used for anything the fresh varieties are used for.

After it was first cultivated in the 1870s, the Bing cherry very quickly became one of the most popular cherries in North America for its extremely sweet taste and exorbitant amount of juice. A large percentage of bing cherries are still produced in the Pacific coast states.

Because of their sweetness most people's favorite way to eat bing cherries is right off the tree or right out of the bag. However, they are delicious in a number of salads, salsas, jams, jellies, wines and especially desserts. Of course don't forget that great tasting cherry juice.

Although fresh or dried bing cherries are one of the most versatile and tasty fruits you can find, studies have found they are also full of nutrients that are great for your health in a number of ways.

It seems Bing cherries are a super anti-inflammatory food. They are used by many to aid in the pain and inflammation of gout and arthritis. They can also help the body get rid of health damaging toxins. This particular article is not on the health benefits of cherries but we do have many other on our website that will give you a deeper look into the subject.

If you have never tasted dried bing cherries you should really give them a try. I think you will find them to so delicious you will always want to keep a few bags around the house for a healthy snack or for an added ingredient in many of your favorite recipes.

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