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The cherry is revered as a potent super fruit that can help with a variety of health conditions including gout, insomnia, gastrointestinal cancer and metabolic syndrome. There have been a number of published studies as to the health benefits associated with eating cherries. Moreover, other variant studies which focus on the dried cherries’ health benefits indicate that dried cherries may actually have the same beneficial properties of their healthy counterparts I.e. fresh cherries.

Researchers have found that a number of the dried cherries health benefits come from the presence of chemical compounds called anthocyanidins. Of the two cherry varieties, tart and sweet cherries, tart cherries are known to contain higher concentrations of anthocyanidins. While both dried cherry varieties are available in local markets, there are also a number of health supplements that contain dried cherries in supplement form.

Researchers have found that consumption of dried cherries may help individuals who suffer from insomnia get a good night’s rest. They have also found that individuals who supplemented their diet with dried cherries were able to sleep longer than those who did not supplement with the same. Moreover, it is believed that consumption of dried cherries also helps improve sleep quality. More specifically, it was noted that individuals who consumed dried cherries regularly experienced less physical activity while sleeping.

Researchers have established a link between consumption of dried cherries and lower LDL levels in individuals who supplemented dried cherries to their daily diet. Unlike HDL, LDL is the type of cholesterol that contributes to increased blockages and rupturing of coronary arteries. This combination increases the risk of heart attacks in such high risk individuals. Studies show that dried cherries in powder form helped lower LDL levels in high risk individuals. While it was established that the dried cherries when frozen had a decreased health activity, there was some protective activity present in the same.

One of the well-known dried cherries health benefits is weight loss. Studies have shown that individuals who supplemented with dried cherries for 90 days had significantly lower body fat than individuals who did not use them for a supplement. Moreover, such supplementation was found to lower hyperlipidemia, a condition where there is too much fat present in the blood.

Dried cherries are also known to be quite effective when dealing with metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome refers to a group of symptoms which include high cholesterol levels, excess fat around the gut as well as above average insulin levels. Metabolic syndrome often leads to the development of Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease in individuals who have these group of symptoms.

As part of the dried cherries health benefits, flavonoids present in cherries may help improve gastrointestinal health. Studies on the subject found that those who had fresh or dried cherries in their diet of were less likely to develop tumors within the bowel.