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There is nothing better than biting into a fresh, plump cherry. Their unique sweet flavor will never disappoint your taste buds. Cherries are one of the world's favorite fruits and have been around for centuries; since before recorded history. Cherry pits have even been found while excavating locations inhabited by people from the Stone Age era.

America alone usually produces around 300 million pounds of cherries per year. Yet, due to their short growing season and delicious taste, they fly off the grocery store shelves as fast they can get them in. Cherry trees can grow anywhere, but many of them are supplied by the state of Michigan, where the first cherry orchard originated in the mid 1800s.

Although it would thrill cherry lovers to be able to buy fresh cherries year round, that is just not the case. Their growing season only last 8-10 weeks and then they disappear until the next season rolls around. The good news is, you can still have those cherry pies and cherries jubilee all year long. This little fruit is so versatile it can be canned, frozen or dried and still retain a good portion of that rare sweet taste we all love so well.

This particular article is on dried cherries. If you love cherries, you need to read on. You are about to learn a few things that can keep you well supplied with those little sweeties, all year long.

If you have never eaten dried cherries as a snack or sprinkled them on your morning cereal you do not know what you are missing. Even in their dry condition they still possess that very recognizable and oh, so delicious cherry taste.

If you really love cherries and would like to have them around the house whenever your sweet tooth calls, you have two options available. I have them listed below with a few interesting facts.

1 – There are tons of available sources to buy dried cherries year round and at reasonable prices. Your best source in this day and age is, you guessed it, the internet. If you type “dried cherries for sale“ on your search engine, you will be totally amazed at the number of results you get. Then again, if you really want be amazed, type in “cherries health benefits”. Yes they are not only delicious to eat, but so good for you. Anyway, to get back on the subject, there is a huge variety of sources on the internet to buy your dried cherries year round. If you shop around a little you are sure to find some prices that will fit your budget.

2 – It is not very difficult, and even enjoyable to dry your own cherries. The best way is with a dehydrator, but if you don't have one, you can do it in the oven. This article is too short to give you "how to" instructions, but if you are interested, you will have no trouble finding instrucions under "how to dry cherries".

So you see, you can have the rare and unique taste of cherries year round. When they are in season purchase them in large enough quantities you can put some back to dry. You will be happy to find that by buying them this way, your price will be a lot cheaper. If you aren't a “do it yourself” person, there are hundreds of cherry farms and wholesale fruit websites where you can search out a good deal.

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