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Dried Unsweetened Cherries

One of the most famous fruit-based deserts or snacks today is dried unsweetened cherries. Made from Montmorency or Tart cherries – as opposed to sweet cherries – dried tart cherries are ideal as additives to many deserts or alone as a delectable snack. Drying cherries is an excellent way to preserve them when they are harvested during the late summer months of August. This allows cherries to be available in the household whole-year-round as a regular part of the family diet.

Of course, the real secret behind the success of dried unsweetened cherries is closely tied to the nutritive benefits of fresh cherries. Tart cherries are dried through a very careful and deliberate process that preserves the nutrients and prevents degradation of healthy substances like antioxidants and minerals. In short, dried tart cherries are packed full of the same substances that can be found in fresh cherries minus the water. This concentrates the nutrients so that they are in a more packed and potent form than if you were eating fresh cherries on a regular basis.

Other facts that help build the reputation of dried unsweetened cherries are as follows:

§ To make a kilo of dried unsweetened cherries requires drying six pounds of fresh tart cherries. Imagine then that 5 parts of every 6 consists of water alone. Conversely, it means that you get the goodness equivalent to six servings for every serving of dried tart cherries that you eat.

§ You can always have the option to buy sweetened or unsweetened tart cherries but for purposes of health, the unsweetened variety is more preferable. It lowers the calorie intake of dried tart cherries and ensures that you are eating a healthy snack without the unnecessary additives.

§ Dried unsweetened cherries last up to 12 months when stored properly. In contrast, fresh cherries last less than two weeks after harvesting. Without dried tart cherries, it would be impossible to get a regular dose of cherries to satiate your healthy cravings.

As an additive or a snack, there are plenty of options through which you can enjoy a serving of dried unsweetened cherries. For example, you can sprinkle half a cup or two of dried tart cherries to your morning cereal or oatmeal to give it a more healthy kick as well as a great taste. As a salad, it is a perfect texture complement to greens much like you would enjoy a sprinkle of raisins. It can even be added to cakes, ice cream and yogurt as a flavorful complement to a sweetened base.

Without a doubt, dried tart cherries are some of the most loved and preferred snacks in the world. It presents a healthy mix of health, wellness, and flavor that can only be found in a few other fruit-based additives. Given this, there is every reason to incorporate dried tart cherries into your family’s diet and in the process eschew the artificial and the pre-processed food choices that are to blame for malnutrition and obesity problems in the world.

In short, choose natural; choose dried unsweetened cherries! Your health will more than benefit from it.