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Easy Cherry Cheese Cake

The benefits of the cherry cannot be extolled enough. The cherry fruit is not only very delicious, it has loads of essential nutrients and medicinal properties. Among the health benefits of cherries are their anti-oxidant properties and their anti-inflammatory properties. Cherries are said to be more effective than aspirin in pain relief. Cherries have also been said to be good for relieving the pain of arthritis and gout. In gout, evidence has shown that cherries reduce the level of uric acid, resulting in substantial pain relief.

Cherries are eaten either fresh, dried, frozen, in pies or jellies and jams. When they are in season, which is in the beginning of summer, they star in a large number of recipes. They are also an ingredient in recipes throughout the year because they can be preserved. Cherries are popularly used in desserts. A good example of such a dessert is the easy cherry cheese cake. Just as the name suggests, the easy cherry cheese cake is your ordinary cheese cake because it incorporates cherries. It makes an excellent dessert and everybody will enjoy this delicious variation of the cheesecake.

To make the easy cherry cheese cake, you will need; canned or fresh cherries, condensed milk that has been sweetened, cream cheese, whipped cream, sugar, several eggs, 100ml lemon juice and 100ml vanilla extract. You will also require pie crust. The cream cheese should be softened. If it is frozen, you can either wait for it to melt at room temperature or you can hurry along the process by putting the cheese in a small bowl and then putting the bowl into a larger container which has hot water. This will melt the cheese pretty quickly. It is not a good idea to soften cheese by microwaving it.

If you have all the ingredients for the easy cherry cheese cake ready and at hand, it is time to get started. Put the softened cream cheese and whipped cream into a mixing bowl. Mix the two together until the mixture is fluffy. Add the condensed milk and continue to beat the mixture to maintain its fluffiness. Add the rest of the ingredients, that is the sugar, eggs vanilla and the lemon juice. Pour this mixture into to your pie crust. Place the cherries on top of the layer of mixture. The amount of cherries you will need depends on your preference. The next step is to refrigerate the pie crust and the mixture. Refrigeration is done so as to let the cake set and it should be done for at least two hours. After this, your easy cherry cheese cake is ready to be served.

This easy cherry cheese cake recipe can be varied by using wafers instead of pie crusts. Another variation is placing the pie crusts or wafers with the mixture in an oven and baking for about half an hour at 375 degrees before placing the cherries on top. Whichever way you choose to make the easy cherry cheese cake, it will be greatly appreciated by its audience.

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