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Some Interesting Facts About Cherries

The cherry is one of the most popular fruits in all the world. Whether sweet or sour, cherries have a number of popular uses including health benefits. They can be eaten fresh, frozen, canned, dried and used in a huge number of tasty recipes. Moreover, there are a number of nutritional and health facts about cherries that make them popular among those who are trying to stay healthy.

Starting off with some of the basic facts about cherries, the cherry belongs to the Rosaceae family which also includes fruits such as plums, peaches and apricots. The cherry is a small red fruit that has a hard drupe and was believed to have been discovered by the Romans. There are many known species of cherries. However, the two commonly eaten varieties include the sour cherry and the sweet cherry.

Some interesting facts about cherries include the popular sour cherry being the most popularly grown cherry variety across the Eastern part of the United States. While the sweet cherry is grown in a number of places, it has quite difficult to grow and thus, the sour cherry is more preferred. Cherries, regardless of whether they are sweet or sour are quite perishable and are known to ripen quickly after harvest. This means that one will have to refrigerate them soon after harvesting otherwise, they will start to rot.

Some of the nutritional facts about cherries include numerous studies currently underway on the use of cherries for a large variety of medical purposes. Such studies have ascertained that cherries are a healthy source of antioxidants. The skin of the cherry has a high concentration of antioxidants which have an effect of neutralizing free radicals present within the body. Free radicals are known for causing various diseases including cancer.

One of the most interesting medical facts about cherries is that it has been recommended to persons who suffer for arthritis. Cherries have been known to help relieve the pain that patients suffer as a result of the ailment for centuries. Moreover, cherries have also been used to help relieve the pain suffered by patients who have gout. A daily serving of about twenty sour cherries or their equal in cherry extract or concentrate has been known to help fight off inflammation caused by these ailments.

Sour cherries also have a high amount of melatonin. Melatonin is a chemical hormone secreted by the brain that serves to regulate an individual’s sleep and is normally triggered at night or in darkness. As such, the cherry is often recommended for persons who experience trouble sleeping or those who suffer from insomnia.

More nutritional facts about cherries include their low level of calories, fat and Sodium. Moreover, cherries are a healthy source of Vitamin C and happen to have a high amount of fiber.

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