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Cherries have got to be one of the most delicious fruits there are. They have that rare sweet taste that you can find no where else. It is so sad they have such a short growing period. Just when you get used to having some of those nice plump and juicy morsels around, they are suddenly gone again. Then you have to wait until next season to find fresh cherries in the grocery stores or from your favorite internet cherry supplier. That is unless you have some frozen cherries

Luckily for all us cherry lovers, cherries can be eaten year round in the form of dried, canned, or frozen. So, no matter what time of year it is, you can still have those fantastic cherry pies and desserts, or even cherry snacks to nibble on. Just keep reading in this sounds like a good idea

You can freeze any kind of cherry and they will stay good until the next season or longer, depending on how you are freezing them. When choosing cherries for freezing, remember the darker the color, the sweeter the flavor. Also, they should be fresh, clean, and shiny with no visible blemishes. You will of course want to take the pits out. If you do not, they will take on the flavor of the pits as the weeks go by. Frozen cherries are the closest thing you will find to that right off the tree taste

Cherries can be frozen in different ways, depending on the type and what you are planning on using them for. If you are going to be using them for pie filling, add one ½ to ¾ cup of sugar to each quart and store in airtight bags. For pies you will of course want to use the tart or sour cherries. Frozen by this method, they will remain great for those pies until the next season rolls around. When working with cherries be careful with the juice. They will leave a stain that is hard to get out.

If you think you might like some nice cherry snacks to munch on through the year, pick out some nice plumb sweet cherries, such a bing variety. After you have pitted them, put them on a cookie tray and put them in the freezer long enough to get hard. After that, take them out and put them in airtight plastic bags and put them back in the freezer. Then, anytime you get in the mood for cherries to nibble on, just take a bag out. They make great snacks or a really nice addition to a bowl of vanilla ice cream. My mouth is watering thinking about it. You can freeze sweet or tart cherries in this manner. Some people like to add a little sugar, other prefer them without. That is a matter of personal preference. If you have never frozen cherries, you may want to try both ways, and then you will know next season which way you like the best.

So there you are. Now you know a way to have your favorite fruit year round. This is really great because when they are in season, you can buy as many as you can eat and your freezer can hold as well. By purchasing them in bulk, you will get a little more for your money, and don't forget the added plus of cherries; they are a so good for you.

Anyway, I hope if you have never frozen cherries you will give it a try. Everything always taste better when you do it yourself. The only problem is going to be, you might need to buy a larger freezer. You can never have too many cherries around. In fact, since I am finished with writing this article, I know what I am about to do. This has made me hungry for my favorite snack. Umm, umm good.