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The relationship between gout and cherries is one of the ultimate success stories in medical science and nutrition. Too often, people forget the value of naturally occurring medication in favor of artificial pharmaceuticals. While there is nothing wrong with taking over-the-counter or prescribed drugs to treat illnesses, the value of natural medication should also be equally explored. Look no farther than gout and cherries to see this firsthand.

Many medical researches point to the effectiveness of cherries in helping retard the progress of gout as well as reduce the severity and frequency of gout attacks. Cherries contain a lot of healthy substances that combat this painful disease in a variety of ways. On top of this, cherries are also excellent for managing other conditions and preventing some of the other common diseases known to man.

Here are some of the substances present in cherries that cement the positive relationship between gout and cherries:

§ Anthocyanins. This class of antioxidants is common in red-colored fruits. It is especially abundant in cherries. Anthocyanins are effective in neutralizing the effect of uric acid crystallization and deposition on affected joints. A regular diet of cherries full of anthocyanins helps lower the uric acid level in the blood of patients helping to keep gout attacks at bay.

§ Vitamin C. Perhaps one of the best vitamins when it comes to fighting diseases, vitamin C plays a critical role in the gout and cherries relationship. Vitamin C helps control inflammation of gout-ravaged joints. The inflammation is one of the primary causes for severe gout pain. With Vitamin C in abundance, gout-affected joints do not swell as much and do not hurt as much.

§ Antioxidants. The effects of antioxidants extend beyond the gout and cherries relationship as it also helps improve cardiovascular health as well as increase resistance from cancer. Specific to gout, antioxidants fight free radicals that are responsible for damaging cells and slowing down the repair and recovery mechanism of the human body.

§ Melatonin. This compound does not have any direct bearing to gout per se but it has extraordinary effects on the human body which helps boost immunity and resistance to illness. Melatonin is also manufactured in the body and is responsible for more regular sleeping cycles which helps the body to recover and heal itself faster.

Doctors prescribe a gout and cherries regimen consisting of at least 2 servings of cherries per day. A typical cherries serving consists of half a cup of fresh cherries or a full cup of cherry juice made from cherry concentrate. There are also supplemental cherry pills that contain equivalent nutritional values for cherries although doctors prefer cherries in one of its more natural forms over processed ones.

Use the gout and cherries relationship to your advantage by maximizing your intake of cherries or cherry products to fight gout effects. Use it to complement your regular round of medication and see for yourself the positive effects of a healthy diet towards recovery and healing.